Keywords are the fundamental elements of any successful PPC campaign. To lead, you should be talented enough to play with keywords. Simple and unwise keyword selection is no big deal. All you need is a thorough research over your keyword, proficient and logical selection embedded incorrect match types.

Match types are tells Google how assertive or limiting you want your keyword to be. To what extent it should match with users search query.

Google Adwords offers you options to restrict your keywords. You can put them in various ‘Match types’.

Broad Match

It is a default match type that reaches large part of web traffic. Your keyword in Broad Match will trigger to any search query that includes any word of it and in any order.

For ex:  Coffee Mugs. Your ad might show for

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mug Shop

Coffee Maker

Travel Mugs

In some cases you ad might trigger for ‘tea cups’. Though, it includes no words of your keyword. Rarely, Google uses consonants. Broad Match keyword brings immense traffic, but, all your traffic may not be genuine. You may encounter so many irrelevant clicks.

Broad Match Modified

Modified Broad Match is restrictive kind of broad match. It gives you opportunity to reach wide audience, still focus on certain parameters. You have to use + sign to refer a keyword in Modified Broad Match. + symbolizes, this particular word is to be included definitely.

For ex:  + Sport +Shoes. Your ad might show for

Sports Shoes

Reebok Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes Suppliers, but not for ‘Sports Gear’ or ‘Nike Shoes’.


Phrase Match

Usually Phrase Match are the keywords enclosed in “”. If you use Phrase Match your ad will show for any search query that includes your keyword phrase.

For ex: “Red hats”. Your ad might show for

Red Hats

White and Red Hats

Beautiful Women in Red Hats

Red Hats Store


Exact Match

It’s the most restraining of match types. To have your keyword in exact match you need to embed it in []. It implies a keyword in Exact Match Type should trigger for the search queries that occurs in exactly the same format an in same order.

For ex: [Commercial Roofers]. Your ad will only show for Commercial Roofers.

It reaches less audience, yet most of it will be your genuine customers. And a lead is sure if conversion comes through Exact Match Type keyword.

However, recently Google announced, an advertiser would no longer be able to use ‘pure’ exact match types. Google will not flip the close variants and would consider plurals, stemming, spelling mistakes as a part of exact match type.

Say, furry dogs, the ad may show up for-

-Fuurry Dogs

-Furry Dog

-Furry D ogs

-Furry Doggies


Negative Match Types

Negative keywords are the keywords which you want your ads not to be clicked for. To mark a keyword negative, you need to use sign. It says if a search query contains this term, the ad should not trigger for it.


For ex: -shoes. You are looking for Reebok brand. Your ads may show up for

Reebok Watches

Reebok Sports Wear , but not for Reebok Shoes.

Using Match Types gives you more control over your keywords. You can mould them as per your requirements.




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