How To Analyze a website for SEO

A website is an online business. So we have to improve our website for better search engine ranking. For improving SEO for the website first we have to analyze it according to SEO parameters. Below we will discuss the SEO parameters.

On Page Analysis

Analyze Meta Tags

Implementation of the Meta tags is the first step for improving our website. Add meta tags

Title Tags

Meta Description

For more info about meta tags check here.  check this tool for  analyze meta tags

Heading Tags

Update website heading tags, A website can have h1 to h6 heading. Most important keyword of the page should be placed in the h1 tag. Rest of the words can place in h2, h3…h6


Robots.txt file give instruction to bots, That what we have to do with this page? Index the page. Or do not index the page. A step by step guide for implementing robots.txt file is here.  You can also create robots.txt file.


Sitemap instruct to crawler and users, A detailed guide of the website layout. With the help of sitemap our web site index status is improved. And from user standpoint user experience of the website is also improved. Create your sitemap

Alt Tag

Check alt tag for images. If website images doesn’t have alt tag then. Please immediately fix it.

Favicon Icon

Use favicon icon for the website.

Google Product Implementation

Google products (Google webmaster tool, Google Analytics) check out the implementation of these products. These products help us for insight data.

Responsive checkup

Website should be responsive. If not try to build the website responsive. Check with the help of  following tool responsive test

Off Page Analysis

Brocken Link

Analyze and fix all the broken links. This technique is included in link building technique.

Link Building Analysis

Analyze what type of links we are getting. Are we getting good links or not, If not check out the process of the link building. Are we able to find good link opportunity? Are we outreach to webmasters in right way? These are the analysis point, which we have to discuss  with our team and build strategy for them.

Tool for backlink analysis

Anchor text analysis

Anchor text is the major part of the link building. We should have to proper analyze our anchor text. We should not have to focus only on keyword based link building, Every time variation in link building is included. Sometimes try to build branded keyword based links.

Website Data Analysis

This is the last part of the analysis. For an eCommerce company final goal is product sale. For services based company goal is capture lot of leads. For software based company final goal is the sale of their software product. From these we can say every company set goal.

When we done with al data. Then we have a task to analyze the data accordingly.

Why we need data analysis?

We need our previous data analysis because we have to make strategy for our next plan. If data says our previous strategy work for us. Then we have to continue the strategy. Or if data says that previous strategy is not work for us then we should have to make changes into our strategy according to data.

This is a very broad topic we will discuss, about it in other posts.



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