SEO Checklist for startup website

Whenever a new website is in running mode then the journey began for seo (search engine optimization).  Below is the seo checklist for a website.

  • Check content of the website

First step is checking content of the website. Content of the website should be unique and have quality in context. Every page content should be clearly communicate in context. No misspellings or poor grammar. Yes, the search engines downgrade that content which have poor grammar and misspellings.

Try to build content in bulleted point.Make small paragraph

Make small paragraph with headings.

  • Url Structure

Check structure of the URL. Whenever a page of the website is created then URL should be form in following manner

Your page url / Category (If have) / page title


Your domain/Page title like

Url should not be form in dynamic manner as following.

Your page URL/ dynamic id.

  • Content Structure

Content of the website should be categorized. Every page of the website should be under its parent category.

  •   Meta Tags

Check meta tags of web pages. Every page should have meta tags. Following are meta tags types

Title Tag – Targeted keyword should be in title tag.

Description – Make a description that has quality with keywords.

Heading tags- main keyword should be in H1 tag, H1 should be single or H2, H3… can be 2, 3 or anymore.

Keyword-Create and upload keywords.

  • Google webmaster tool and analytics implementation

Check every page of the website for analytics and webmaster tool implementation

Google webmaster tool is use for website health. Issue related to crawl error and soft error. find more info here

Google analytics is use for traffic of the website. Check traffic of the website and trend of the website. What is the source of the visitors, What is the bounce rate of the website, How much traffic we have from Organic, for deep knowledge check all post related to analytics click here

  • Social media implementation

Check your website social media button. Add Facebook, G+, Twitter and other social media icon to the WebPages where applicable.

Social media have the high potential for improving your traffic. If we improve our website traffic then we can increase our sales of the products also.

  • Create and update Sitemap

Create a sitemap of the website. If website does not have too much pages then we can go for an auto-generated sitemap. If any website has too many pages and every day new pages are created like a news website or any other company that is forum based and article posting based. So for that company create a sitemap for website structure.

  • Check robots.txt file

Check robots.txt file. Robots.txt file is use for crawler. Which crawler we want to block or which we have to open so here check crawler status. For more update about robots check here

  • Check Internal Linking

Check internal linking of the website. Internal linking of the website should be relevant. Whenever a page is internal link to other page so both pages should be relevant. If a website has FIFA world cup page and football page. Then both pages can internal link to each other. Internal linking improve website engagement, Or we can say that conversion in increasing pageviews.

  • Check Responsive status

Check your website design, check responsive structure. The website should be responsive and compatible with all browsers. For responsive guide find here.

  • Check Broken link

With the help of Xenu and some other tools check broken links of the website. If website have broken links that pull down the website. So find out broken link and fix them.

Google webmaster tool also helps for broken links. GWT give a report of broken links with its linking page.




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