How to DO SMO with Social Media Platform ?

Social Media Platform

Social media is the technique that gives your website traffic via social media platform. In this post we will review How to do SMO with social media platform?

The major platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram.

Here I give a list of website, and some are not mention by me in this list so please keep eye on  InRaMs I ‘ll be back with more research on social media and list of website

1-      Facebook

2-      Twitter

3-      Google plus

4-      Stumbleupon

5-      Pinterest

6-      Linkedin

7-      Tumblr

8-      Instagram

9-      Flickr

10-   Myspace

11-   Aboutme


13-   Vk

14-   Tagged

15-   Ning

16-   YouTube


And many other website here I can not mention about all website in detail but some of them here I ‘ll discuss.

Facebook- With the help of facebook, we can create a page about our company, and with the help of page we can create branding of our company. Here we can also create a page about our product and create branding for that. We can share our data by that and suggest people about that and also invite new friends for like our page and get access of our shares.

Twitter:-  Twitter is also a major platform It also have large number of visitors, We can create a profile and do good tweet about our product and company then people come on your profile and follow you. Here most of the celebrity come and retweet you shares.

Google Plus: – This is a major platform for search engine (Google). We have to create a page on G+ and share some valuable content then people come on your  page and plus one your page and content. If our page goes to mostly people’s circle then the page create branding and we become to a good brand. Google + play an important role on search engine ranking on google.

Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon About me these platform also send traffic to a website so we have to create a profile on then  and manage accordingly. Reddit, dig, delicious,  are also good social media website.

Social Media Optimization with Pages

Above is an overview of Pages how we can use them. Now the next step is SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Work with # Tag

Find Out the #tag which are most popular according to your category. try to post according to those #tag. They can improve your social media presence and increase traffic to your website.

Find Popular days and content from your website according to them

Find the popular days like Halloween, Earth day, ….etc.. these days can increase your social media traffic 10X. If you work out for these days before they come. Find content for them. Create a strategy for them. then publish the content according to strategy. Then you will see a huge improvement on it.

Work on website Insight Analysis

Work on our website insights, Find out the content which is most popular in social media, Try to reshare that content. It will improve your social media traffic. then try to find most popular content of the website. Then share that content with social media platform it will definitely improve your website social media traffic and overall social media presence.

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