Movavi Video Converter Review

Have you ever had to convert a video but realized you’re not really certain how to get started? Even assuming you made an attempt regardless, the fact that there are so many different formats and video settings that can be adjusted may have left you feeling flawed.

By nature converting videos can be fairly complicated unless you have a thorough knowledge of video formats and settings. The good news is that while that knowledge may help a bit, it isn’t necessary should you choose to use Movavi Video Converter.

Simplifying Video Conversion

Essentially Movavi Video Converter completely eliminates the learning curve that is normally required when converting videos and simplifies it tremendously. To actually start converting videos using it is really straightforward and you can just add the video, pick a format, and click the ‘Convert’ button.

If you aren’t sure which format you should use, you can choose from amongst the hundreds of presets for various devices and platforms that are present in Movavi Video Converter. Depending on the preset that you select, the software will automatically engineer the video format and settings for the device or platform that you choose.

Effectively this means you will be able to convert and even optimize your videos without knowing anything about video formats or settings. That being said if you want to manually adjust these areas, you can opt to do so anyway.

Going the Extra Mile

In many ways Movavi Video Converter is a software that wears a lot of hats. While it may be primarily a video converter, it is also capable of converting audio and image files, and can edit videos too. It even supports older encoding standards and can act as a PAL to NTSC converter for your older DVDs.

As you explore the features in Movavi Video Converter, you’ll see that it really does have numerous applications that can work to your advantage. With it you will be able to create animated GIFs out of video clips, enhance the quality of your videos, grab screenshots, cut and combine video segments, extract the audio tracks from videos, insert customizable text, and much more too.

The sheer scope of the features that Movavi Video Converter brings to the table is part of what makes it so formidable. However its real strength lies in the fact that despite how many features it includes it still remains a user-friendly and intuitive software.

Long story short – why put yourself through the steep learning curve that most people face when converting videos. If you opt to use Movavi Video Converter, you’ll be able to bypass all that and start to convert your video in just a matter of minutes at most.




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