Ways to Dominate YouTube: The Ultimate Guide

The third most popular site in the world gets close to billions of views a day and even has Google skewing its search results towards video results in their algorithms. Therefore there is a lot of money to be made on YouTube if you know how to maximise viewership. I will go through a few ways of how to do the same:

  1. Keep it Short

The shortest videos are often the most watched videos as well. This is in-keeping with the short attention spans of most people who are tunes into various social media.

  1. Lighting in Videos

This is really important in a video: a constant and even source of light with diffused intensity is necessary to get even lighting to make the video seem clearer. You can buy a lighting kit and set things up. Avoid high-intensity light in the background.

  1. Edit Your Videos

Your videos are open to viewership to millions of viewers. So, one of your videos will be viewed that many times. So don’t you think you owe it to all those viewers to trim the outtakes and the erroneous shots and make it a flawless video graphical composition? You can use iMovie, Moviemaker or any other free software to edit your videos.

  1. Brand Your Videos

It is always advisable to leave a lasting impression on your viewers about your identity by creating something unique such as a logo, an animation or jingle or a combination of all these to imprint whose videos they were watching, This is good since people don’t remember names so much as visual effects online.

  1. Include Background Music

To make your videos enjoyable you can add a mild instrumental score to lighten the mood or increase focus on the topic you have chosen to display.

  1. Research Your Keywords

You can use the YouTube keyword finder to locate the most relevant keywords for your video to serve as tags. This will help circulate your video faster and also help Google bots find it easier.

  1. Put a Link in the Description

You can drive more traffic through the website of your choice using your YouTube viewership. All you have to do is insert the link to your website or your blog in the video description. And make sure to mention http:// along with keeping the link under 27characters to prevent the link from being hidden in show more button.

  1. Pick the Right Title

Your video’s success is dependent to a large extent on the name or title you choose for it. The more sensational and eye-catching the title, the more chances it stands of being viewed by an eager YouTube subscriber.