Improve your sales using responsive website design? Here’s why

The time has gone when smartphone users were considered into exceptions. There’s no surprise that mobile web usage has been increasing over a couple of years. Today, 1.2 billion people are purchasing products over online marketplaces (amazon, flipkart, eBay etc) from mobile devices. This means, if they’re on-line, they’re possibly on their mobile devices.

Even with this surprising statistics, a large no. Of business websites are still not mobile-friendly or responsive. This cultimatley leads to a poor user experience and also a significant loss for businesses. Though 31% of global website views occur on mobile devices, around 88.2% of internet sites are poorly designed. This means, if your competitors are a part of that 88.2%, now’s an ideal time to step ahead towards responsive design.

Responsive websites create mobile browsing easier. Check out these commonest reasons why your website can’t afford to stay unresponsive.

  • Everyone’s on mobile – as per the info from global web index, 80% of web users own a smartphone. As per the stats, 61% of individuals have an improved opinion of brands when they offered a brilliant mobile friendly experience. That is why responsive design comparatively performs better and is easier to maintain than a separate mobile template site.
  • Responsive design is required for seo – everybody desires their website to rank best among search engine results. The leading search engine – Google prefers responsive design over mobile templates. It makes easier for googlebot to crawl your website and display in search results. Moreover, web design Los Angeles minimises the possibility of on-page seo errors.
  • Over half of web traffic is mobile – do you known any website owner who wasn’t curious about increasing website traffic? Perhaps not. Over 60% of google searches are performed on a mobile device. If you also want good mobile traffic, you need to think as per mobile device. The mobile media consumption is much greater than that of a laptop or desktop.
  • People purchase more on mobile – across devices, mobile users spend largely as compared to the desktop users. Smartphone users account for the lowest dollar amount per transaction. If you are attempting to sell something below 10 bugs, mobile users are an ideal audience for your product. Whereas tablet user has largest average transaction value of any device, including desktops.
  • Responsive websites differentiate your brand – there are numerous websites around the globe that are unoptimized for mobile. As per a recent survey, only 56% of small business websites are responsive. By using a responsive web design you’ll be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors.
  • We’re not in denver anymore – when you launch your website, it not only caters the local audience but a vast domain of internet users worldwide also. Your website is viewed by all age groups, people of different interests and many others. Your website needs to be responsive to work amazingly if a person is viewing on his/her mobile device from any part of the world.
  • A responsive style is required for search engine ranking – nowadays google favours mobile friendliness in its search engine page rankings. Responsive design is very much necessary for pleasing google. With google’s latest algorithm update, the company announced various penalties for websites that fail to fulfil google webmaster standards. Therefore, if you’re serious about raising your organic traffic (or merely not losing it), you need to optimise your website according to mobile users.

No matter on what screen size somebody is viewing your website, it should display properly for that screen size. So, in the future, as new devices ( like tvs, watches, glasses) are being employed for internet browsing, your responsive site will still look beautiful.

Today having a mobile-friendly website isn’t any longer just a pleasant feature, it’s presently a necessity and literally, impacts the expansion of your business.