6 Great Analytics Tools for Bloggers

Web analytics software is an awesome approach to discover the coming and goings of your blog’s followers. There are various software programs out there for you to look over, some being paid and some being free. We will survey a portion of the most elite and let you know precisely what you have to know.

Start with free web analytic software

Google Analytics

When it comes to web analytics, Google Analytics is certainly something that merits looking at. Despite the fact that you should be careful about a great deal of free web analytics programming, Google Analytics gives top notch statistical and analytical data for those with private companies or individual sites.

With Google Analytics, you get three diverse detailing views:




This makes it simple to arrange data, and the data is additionally effectively accessible


StatCounter.com, a free web analytics program, will furnish you with constant web statistics. It’s additionally really simple to utilize StatCounter. All that is required is for you to embed some essential coding on your web page or blog, and from that point you can dissect your website guests and movement designs. A portion of the components that they offer include:

Configurable Counter

Well known pages

Catchphrase Analysis

JavaScript Stats

Guest Paths and Length

Returning Visitor Activity

Nation/State/City Stats

Email detailing


ShinyStat is a web analytics program that offers both free and paid for measurable programs. The free ShinyStat web analytics programming has a tendency to be okay or the individuals who need to acquire details for individual reasons. With the free form, you can track up to 1000 site hits for every day. Some different components that joined it include:

Online guests

Number of visits/site hits

Visits/site hits in the present month or on the present day

ShinyStat Rank (SR)

You can likewise give their Pro or Business web analytics programming an attempt on the off chance that you find that the free program isn’t addressing your needs. Both accompanied a 30 day free trial and offer more subtle elements reports that might be important for entrepreneurs, for example,

Battle ROI (Return on Investment)


Change Analysis

Track Advertising Campaigns

Paid Web Analytics Software


WebTrends is an incredible web analytics tool that extensive organizations, for example, IKEA, Ticketmaster and Reuters have all utilized. It’s precise, solid, and has been around for longer than the greater part of the other analytical tools on the web. A portion of the elements of WebTrends include:

Dynamic Search (the capacity to used an extremely modern internet searcher advertising robotization programming that will additionally advance any outcomes for web based promoting efforts)

Ongoing guest Segmentation (in view of cross-divert in-site)

Client focused on analytics arrangements

Adaptable, extensive and versatile web analytics

Mechanized streamlining of web-based promoting

What’s the downside? The cost. On the off chance that you are a little or medium measured business, at that point the robust sticker price that accompanies such a fruitful web analytics apparatus may not be justified, despite all the trouble.

eLogic Web Analytics

Regardless of what size your organization might be, eLogic Web Analytics has a bundle that can suit your business. With costs extending from $9.99USD to $499.99USD, you can investigate what highlights you will require keeping in mind the end goal to acquire the factual data you require, and pick a bundle in light of that.

eLogic is likewise outstanding for giving solid web analytics and details that are continuous. The data that they give is very inside and out considering the little value you need to pay for this administration. A few components that they offer include:

Click path analysis

Visitor path tracking

Configurable counter and summary stats

Popular pages

Visitor comparisons and visitor lengths

Keyword Analysis

Conversion tracking

User access management

Recent visitor activity

Country/State/City stats

Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics is an exceptionally prominent diagnostic device, and however without anyone else’s input it is a free administration, it isn’t the most straightforward to acquire. You should have a Yahoo! Publicizing account, a Yahoo! Independent venture account, or have a Yahoo! Account Manager. On the off chance that you do quality for one of those above choices in any case, Yahoo! Web Analytics is an incredible device to utilize. A portion of the things that you can expect are:

Raw and Real time Data Collection

Executive Analytics Dashboards

Visitor Behavioral Reports

Visitor Demographics Reports

Workflow Management

Merchandise Reporting

Advanced PPC Campaign Management



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