Analytics and Dashboards

Types of Google Analytics Dashboards

For mastering over analytics, we have to analyse the platform thoroughly. It may vary from simply tracking your account to tricky widget  application. What is required is deep diving into it. Below is a brief introduction about few terms you will come across while using analytics.

Setup a Google analytics Account

All you need is a Google account. Sign up with that ID. Following that we get a tracking code for that ID, You need to place that code in the head section of your website. For more info Click here..

Goal setup

After setting up Google analytics account we have to setup our goal according to our need. We can set goal for Revenue, Acquisition, Inquiry, Engagement.

You need to select a Goal type for setup like Destination, Duration, Pages/Screen, Event. Destination goal & Event goal require more consideration for setting up a goal.

Account Analysis

For easier analysis, We have to set dashboard for that, Like Content dashboard, SEO dashboard, PPC dashboard, Site Performance dashboard, Mobile commerce dashboard, eCommerce Dashboard, Realtime overview dashboard, Social Media Dashboard

SEO Dashboard

In SEO dashboard we can set widgets for important points, Like How many unique sessions, which country have most sessions, your sessions favourite devices, Top landing pages of your website. Total organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic for every product and pages. This analysis improves your website traffic and product sales.

SEO dashboard helps to find quick data. If your Google analytics account SEO dashboard is ready then you don’t have to go anywhere you can easily find your data. Or you can take quick action. This is the excellent approach we tried it with lot of client and they are very happy from this approach. If your client doesn’t have Google analytics account in depth knowledge then you can share the dashboard with them so that they can easily access the dashboard.

If your client required every day or weekly SEO report and you do not have time to share that report on weekly or daily basis. then you can create a SEO dashboard and share with them. After that explain main metrics to them like data so he/she can compare the data on daily basis or weekly basis. Sessions, Avg page load time, pageviews, Pages/session these metrics helps them to understand the site usage and improvement of SEO.

Content Dashboard

In content dashboard we can set widgets for unique sessions, Blog sessions, Conversion by search query. Conversion by social network, Which of the site content work for us and which post create value for us in which category. By analysing we get which category of our content is works for us.

Site Performance Dashboard

Site performance dashboard is set widget for Avg page load time for website pages. Mobile page load time for website. Page load time by browser here we can check our website compatibility with browsers.  Server response time by country. Site performance dashboard is very important for a web because it is first point how your website is works then we can focus on other points.

PPC Dashboard

In PPC dashboard set widgets for how many sessions we are getting from ppc. How many sessions we are getting from which keyword. How many impressions we are getting, and how many leads and from where and which platform etc.

Social Media Dashboard

In social media dashboard first widgets is set that how many session come from social media platform. New sessions acquisition from social, Most socially shared content. It helps us to get what is trending in social media. For eCommerce and News sites these are very much dependent on social media they get a huge amount of traffic from social media.


In this post I only want to share knowledge about Google analytics dashboards, In my next segment I will share about How to setup these dashboards. We can also customize our analysis by Google analytics segmentation section. I will research and update you guys soon.




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