Google Analytic How to implement and Track

Steps to Google Analytics implementation

For GA Code setup we have to do following steps

1-      Setup a Gmail account and sign in Google analytic portal for setting up the profile.

2-      Fetch tracking code from the account and add it to the website.

3-      Determine first what we have to track.

4-      SET up goal and funnel

5-      We can check all data in sessions what are sources of the visitors, from which country, Visitor is come from SEO (Organic) or paid.

6-      By analytics we can check that which page is doing well or not.

7-      BY setting goal we can check how many conversion we get.

8-      With the help of funnel we can check that which the page is is interrupting for conversion and resolve the issue.

9-       Implement on live website code implementation and correct all data fetch within 24 hour or not.


Please do care for following steps

1-      Please remove frame from your web if you want your web is fully index

2-      Dynamically created URL can be exclude if you want.

3-      Flash is not measure automatically.

4-      If you have any AdWords account make sure that Adwords is correctly connected to GA account.

5-      Do not set manual tagging if you choose auto tagging things will incorrect if we choose both.




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