Google Analytics Acquisition Analysis

In Google analytics out of four portions (Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversions) here I discuss acquisition analysis. Acquisition shows the total traffic path, like traffic come from where? Acquisition drop down menu shows Channels, all traffic, All referrals, Keywords.

Step 1

When you click on overview tab you will get following image,


Here you get following data

Top Channels < Organic, Social, Direct, Referral

Sessions data shows according to dates.

Conversions data

In channels it shows in table Organic, Social, Direct, Referrals

Organic data stand for, Data come from search engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing…

Social data stand for, Data come from social website Like Facebook, G+, Stumbleupon…

Direct data land on your website directly.

Referral data stand for, Data come from different website like If anyone have your website link and click on your link and land to your website, That kind of traffic is called referral traffic.

Step 2

When you click on all traffic data sheet shows you Source/Medium with sessions, In this step you can find Organic traffic, referral traffic …etc.

Step 3

When you click on Social< Overview,

You will get the social data, How much traffic you are getting from social and which social network is sending you traffic, here you can analyze that which social network is work for you.

Step 4

When you click on Social< Landing page

Google analytics shows you data with shared url through social with total number of sessions get.

Conversions show you total number of conversions through socials.

Step 5

When you click on Search engine optimization

Here you get query data with impressions. With the help of this data you can analyze your most searchable keywords. This is very important Google analytics basics metrics analysis here you finalize your campaign keywords.

Step 6

Acquisition< Keywords< Organic, Paid

This step shows you organic and paid keywords.

Note- One more tab Cost analysis is in BETA.

For More analysis you can find on Analytics and Dashboard.




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