Google Analytics Basics Metrics Analysis

Google analytics is a tool by which you can measure your ROI and traffic of a website. It is a very powerful tool.

1-Audience Overview

First step is audience overview In Audience <Overview you can check all your audience (Traffic) on daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly basis. Here you can set date and analyze data. You can also compare your whole data with Today, Yesterday, Last week, Last month. Data also set by country, City, language.

Analysis is also segment by systems in it, we set by browsers, Operating system, service provider.

Demographics Analysis

Audience< Demographics< Set it by Age, Gender.

Audience< Geo Set it by language or location.

Audience< Behavior Set it by New vs returning, Engagement ( In this analysis an analyst can show the

Data with time as How many visitors stay on site 10 sec and how many 11 to 30 sec,…)

Technology< Browser< Network, In this portion, We can analyze about browser and networks, How many visitors get from which network.

Mobile< Devices. In this portion can analyze about devices with sessions.

2- Acquisition Analysis

In acquisition analysis, Analyst can find data, How many visitors get from which channel. Like                                Organic, Direct, Referral, Social.

Organic Traffic– Organic traffic are that traffic which is non-paid search traffic from search engine, An analyst can analyze data Which bring from search engines. Which search engine is work for us? Or is seo is beneficial for us.

Direct traffic – Direct traffic is that, That is land on your  website through web.

Social Traffic – Social traffic is brings from Social media platform, Like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit.

3- Behavior Analysis

In behavior analysis, an analyst can analyze site content, How many pageviews gets by page with unique pageview, Avg time on page and bounce rate.

Path for checking  = Behavior< site content< All pages.

In above search we can check  landing pages also, Landing pages show direct traffic for page those land on your website.

Site Speed-  Site speed show page load time for pages according to pageview and other metrics.


4- Conversion Analysis

In conversion analysis analyst can check goals, Goal completion.

In the above article I only give you analysis about basic points, In my segment I will go to next step and give you some internal analysis point You can also check my other article on Dashboard we can set dashboard for different category. Dashboards help us for quick analysis.

Action item

From the above data we can find the action item. Now the next question are is how we can find action items?

Simply if number of sessions is increasing then it means something is going good on our website. With the help og the behavior < site content< landing pages we can find the pages those are performing well. So next step is go to acquisition < channels. Then find out which channel is giving high traffic to our website.

After this data whole structure is build. Prepare more pages according to those which are performing well already.

Work out on those channels which  are giving good traffic to our website.

Next step is conversion.

Find out the channels those are converting high leads. Work on them they will also improve your leads more.




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