Google Analytics behavior Analysis

We are running a step by step guide for Google analytics, In this article we are targeting Google analytics behavior analysis. In behavior analysis 5 terms are exist.

  • Site content
  • Site search
  • Site speed
  • Event
  • Publisher (Adsense)

Behavior flow is the path analysis tab, Here we can analyze the path of the users. Here we can find how many people come at blog/website, How many at product pages, How many people are at services pages of your website. Behavior flow gives information about start page (Ist interaction) to 2nd interaction ….. last interaction.

With the help of behavior analysis, we will find the website funnel. In funnel we can track which page have high exit rate. Where visitors left from the website.

Site Content Analysis

Site content< All pages< Content drilldown <Landing pages < Exit pages

In my opinion site content is the most important part of this tab, Here we can find all data related to our site content.

All pages

In all pages, we can find traffic to our website according to pageviews. Here we can finalize that which page is working for us. If a page xyz is haveing high pageviews but not having good landing traffic to our website. Then there is two possibility one is that xyz page is link to any page that having good content or the second thing is that page is your website most valuable page. If your page is not link from too many pages or not link from high landing traffic gaining page then you have to think about that page because if that page is making pageviews for us maybe that can make our website landing growth also. So always try to keep an eye on both pages those are getting high landing traffic and those are having high pageviews.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages where visitor land on our website through any medium. These are the key pages according to business and other prospective. With the help of landing pages we can analyze our website top rated pages if our website traffic is going down then we can analyze that which page traffic is going down then we can check that page source. Or content of that page. Maybe something happened with that page content. This tab helps us a lot.

Site Speed

This tab shows the site speed overview here we can find avg page load time, avg redirection time, avg domain lookup. If our website some pages taking time to load then we can find those pages from here and look into them why they are taking time. One more tab is here speed suggestion that will helps us for giving tip for upgrading pages speed. If our website speed is improve than traffic of your website also improve.

Site search

Site search is the tab that shows us that what is trending on our website. What people are searching in our website search box. Here we can find info about trending topic of our website and pages those are not ranking anywhere but website internal traffic is attracting towards the page. Very nice characteristic I like it.

Event Overview-Here we can find info about event if we set it.

Publisher Overview

Adsense Overview

If you have an Adsense account then we can analyze it.

What Google Adsense or publisher account gives us.

  • Overview
  • Publisher pages
  • Publisher referrals

In overview tab we can find the data of publisher impressions, Publisher revenue, Publisher eCPM, Publisher eCTR.

Publisher pages gives us the data about how many pages gives us the revenue, Which page is getting highest Adsense click or revenue. This data is very useful and with the help of this data we can improve our website revenue. If you change your ad position then you can check here that you are getting ad click or not. Your ad impressions are improving are not.

In-Page Analytics

In-page analytics is a nice feature here we can talk about page design. If we see in page analytics about a page then find where user clicks on the page. Which area of the page is beneficial. If we change design of a web page and find no one click on new design. So it is not worth. Analyze here issue of the page user behavior of the page nice feature I  like this.

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