How to reduce bounce rate

What is Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitors to a website.  Who navigate away from the website after viewing a single page.

In other words we can say bounce rate is the metrics that indicate the percentage of sessions who land on your website and leave.

If your website bounce rate is high so we can say that website engagement is low. So we have to reduce bounce rate of our website for increasing engagement of the website.

Where to Measure Bounce rate

With the help of Google analytics we can measure our website bounce rate. Here we can check our website total bounce rate and our website every page bounce rate.

As in the below picture we can see that website total bounce rate is 62%.


Reason for high bounce rate

  • Design structure is not good.
  • Too many call to action
  • Website load time
  • Website with poor grammar
  • Low-quality content
  • Page content is not readable
  • Formatting of the content is not done
  • Visitors seeing on the page something unexpected
  • Audio-video content which is automatically play

Techniques to Reduce Bounce rate

Provide Good Content

  • Website should have good content with small paragraph and clear heading.
  • Try to build content in bulleted point
  • Website should have Clear call to action

Content of the website should be in flow means a step by step guide.  If website content is not in sequence so that will increase bounce rate. Website meta tags should be optimized. Landing traffic of the website should be relevant to the page. If we optimized our website meta tags according to page keywords then it will reduce bounce rate.

Internal linking in the content should be relevant.  

Avoid PoP -Ups

Pop-Ups are annoy peoples. If any visitor come to the website and suddenly he go to PoP- Ups , Most probably he will leave the website it will increase bounce rate. If we avoid PoP- Ups then we will improve our website bounce rate.

Improve Speed of the Website

Website speed should be good. If our website avg page load time is high then visitor leave from the site. So always focus on speed of the website. Some technique to improve our website page load time.

Find out those pages, who have high load time work out on their speed and then check speed of the website.

Reduce the Form Field 

Do not put too much field in the form. If we ask to user lot of questions then he/she may left from the website. If we required form on the page then always try to have less number of fields in the form. If we ask only mandatory fields to user then user doesn’t left from the website. It will reduce the bounce rate of the page.

Create Landing page according to user’s Query

If we are getting traffic but the bounce rate is high. It means our website does not satisfy user. Or we can say our landing page is not according to user query. So try to build landing page according to users query. It will improve our website bounce rate.

Website should have good Design

Website should have good design. Layout of the website should be clear. Websites should be responsive (mobile friendly). User can easily navigate full website. Sitemap of the website should be clear.

If a website has clear design then its bounce rate will be decreased. Do not add too many call to action. If a page have more than one call to action then user will get confused what he/she have to do. If user is confused with your design structure then user will left from the website. That’s why the bounce rate of the website increased.

Content Quality

Content quality of the website should be good. If our website content quality is good then we will get good user engagement result of that bounce rate of the website will go down. So always try to build good quality content website. Share some unique news and data. If you have something unique then you will get the good engagement data.

Mobile Optimized 

Web pages should be optimized mobile friendly, Make your web pages responsive.

Let’s Play with Analytics For Reducing Bounce Rate

Analytics play an important role in finding bounce rate data. First thing we have to find the data from analytics then

Make Segments –  After segmentations check out what kind of segment have high bounce rate? If you find that any specific type of pages having high bounce rate. then check them why they are having high bounce? Maybe you can find something interesting. Maybe those pages meta tags are not relevant, Maybe those pages design is not good. So analytics can helps us to find those pages.

Ad Placements – Check out randomly pages with different ad positions. If you find pages with specific ad positions are having high bounce rate. Then improve those pages ad placement.

Color Contrast – Color contrast of the page should be good. Find out the good user experience color contrast and implement them. This can helps to reduce the bounce rate.

External link – Open external link in new window, Always to implement this for external links, If user open the external link in same window then user left from your website and you lost the user and bounce rate also increased for that page.

For more info about bounce rate, You can also read this Bounce Rate Analysis.




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