Improve Tracking Conversion by Using Google Analytics

For those using Google Analytics and are striving to augment their website’s conversion rate then definitely they are on the right track. Google Analytics can aid in determining which marketing activity actually is driving the highest traffic to their website which can vary from banner ads, email campaigns, PPC campaigns, affiliate programs, referrals and SEO campaigns.

How to get the most from Google Analytics?

Below are some tips for getting the utmost out of one’s Google Analytics data. These include,

  • Setting up funnels and goals- it is essential that one’s goals are appropriately set up for the conversion type they are striving to measure. It is goals that offer the capability of tracking user activities which Google Analytics otherwise would not measure. These goals are available in three types for use and vary as per the objectives which one is trying to evaluate. Engagement goals and event based goals are geared to measure micro conversions whereas destination URL goals will help to measure macro conversions. By setting up funnels one can track the series of steps which their clients are taking on their site via a visual representation. In fact, by tracking one’s clients through the funnel, they can check where exactly they are falling prior to following through with the consequent goal
  • Focus on mobile users- for those having a good number of visitors coming from mobile devices should check whether they are utilizing tablets or Smartphones, spending ample time on their site, abandon at an upper rate or do they convert? By simply adding on a mobile theme will prove beneficial, yet regularly and proactively addressing trouble areas can improve conversion rates incrementally over time
  • Pay attention to actionable data- tons of data are offered by Google Analytics and this can become overwhelming as well as wastage of time provided one is looking at the invaluable metrics. Rather, one should maximize their time via paying attention on key metrics which impact their revenue. By comparing significant metrics to revenue will enable one in identifying where their shortfalls are that can work wonders to help expose the areas that need improvisation. One should analyze the chief stat in question alongside other adjoining metrics for making sure that their observations stay in context
  • Create intelligence events- knowing about important traffic swings, revenue and conversion rates are extremely helpful. Google creates automatic alerts, if there are specific metrics they want to track, they can build custom alerts too
  • Campaigns and promotions- checking revenue, standard order size as well as other chief metrics for every campaign or promotional offer is important
  • Social media information- today Google Analytics includes behaviour through goals and social media tracking. Focusing on what products and page were shared can offer websites a positive indicator of products which are popular despite these not selling well

Smart ways of using Google Analytics to one’s advantage

Below are some smart ways of using Google Analytics to one’s advantage,

  • Comprehensive Advertising Analytics will aid in effective monetization. Via using it one can discover how their advertising campaigns function in tandem with the multi-channel funnels. Different SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns can be related with the behaviour of visitors on their website. Google AdWords’ seamless integration with Google Analytics indeed is another noteworthy characteristic
  • By keeping an eye on the website’s overall speed and also tracking the load time of the page can aid enhance the visitor experience on one’s website. Google Analytics’ site speed report will help them to measure latency on their website
  • The reports of the multi-channel funnel will help one to understand how their online marketing accomplishments worked together in creating conversions and sales on their website. The list of the commonly tracked channels comprises of customized online campaigns, referring sites, affiliate marketing channels, e-newsletters and social networking websites
  • Advanced segments are an excellent feature which will allow one in creating the subsets of a website’s traffic. Here the visitor data will be further categorized into pre-existing segments like paid traffic as well as into customized sections for improved management
  • Analytics Intelligence will enable one in creating custom alerts for detecting noteworthy transformations in their website traffic. This is an exhaustive and latest algorithm engine which can help in detecting even minor transformations to one’s site metrics

Google Analytics fortunately provides a plethora of powerful measurement tools which can enable one in augmenting their tracking conversation rates. By following the aforementioned tips sincerely one is sure to achieve success.

About the Author– Sophia Smith is a consultant, working as a part of Submit2Rank, a SEO company in India. She is highly experienced, with around 10 to 12 years of experience in digital marketing. She earned good number of success in her career by offering online marketing solutions to her clients.




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