UTM parameter Tutorial


UTM parameters are tags for analyzing traffic for a specific campaign. With the help of UTM parameters we can analyze traffic for a specific URL or campaign. UTM parameter are using for in-depth analysis also. These are case sensitive for example – If you use ABCD for the Url or abcd. So in Google analytics you find two different reports.

How to create UTM parameter for a URL

It is a very easy task, below is a link. This link has 2 steps fill up the form and then submit. You will get the URL that can use anywhere. For tracking go to Google analytics and then track.


Above URL has 2 step

  • Enter the URL
  • Fill up the campaign source, Campaign medium, campaign name.

Parameter description

Campaign source- This identifies the source of the traffic. Here you have to fill source like social, newsletter..etc

Campaign medium – This part define the medium for example if your newsletter send via email then medium is the email.

Campaign Name- Here use campaign name this is the most important metric. With the help of this you will find campaign.

With the help of these entries you can easily find your campaign in Google analytics. Because if you are using too many campaign like Social media, PPC, Email newsletter, Banner add, then it would be worry point then how to find my campaign. These parameters can help us for finding right campaign.

Tracking of UTM parameter

For tracking of UTM parameter, we have to use Google analytics. In Google analytics go to the Acquisition portion and then go to the campaign. After that click on all campaign. Then there you will find a list of campaign. Which you have created. Find the campaign which you want to track. Then click on it and check how much traffic you got. We use UTM parameter for in-depth analysis of the project.

So if you can see the URL with sessions and you also know the source of the traffic via UTM parameter. Then if you want to add the one more parameter for that you can add like country. Which country is sending how much traffic to that Url.

So in general we can track anything with two parameter. But with the help of UTM parameter we can increase it to 3. We can track with 3 parameter. This is very nice feature I use it most of the time.




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