Website content Analysis

Content of the website should be unique with high quality. We have to insert our page focus keywords into the page. Content should be grammar error free.

For analysis of website content. we have to check our Google analytics for proper insight. So go to Behavior < Site content

In behavior analysis we talk about website content. Speed and site search data.

In website content analysis, we got from analytics 3 metrics all pages data with pageviews, Content drill down and landing page data with sessions.

Website All Pages Data Analysis

In all pages, we got pageviews. Here we can find where is visitor flow. For example If anyone come to our website and go to landing page A so this is count as landing page A has 1 pageview with 1 session, Other person land on Page b of our website then go to landing page A the count for landing page A is 2 pageviews. Please see the below picture how data shows in analytics.


So we can finalize the popular post or landing page in our website with the help of all pages data.

2nd Analysis from here is if we link any page to the other page (internal linking). After some time you remove the internal linking then you want the effect of internal linking. So check out the number of pageviews of that page before and after the internal link. You can easily find out the answer of your question. Answer can say that your linking sends the visitors or not.

Exit rate is also a good metrics for analysis of the page. You can easily check out the exit rate for the page and find which page has good exit rate and which pages don’t have. Exit rate can easily indicate the quality of the page. If exit rate is high then page is not having good quality content and if exit rate is low then page has the good quality engaging content.

Landing Page Analysis

Great portion of analytics, I love this portion. Here we can find the Landing traffic of the website. How many sessions our website have. Which page has the highest number of sessions? Also, we can find total number of goal completion by page. Look at the in the following image landing page data.


In the landing page analysis we cannot explain everything here, Insha Allah I will explain more data about this in my other posts.

Ist Find out high traffic pages of our website.

Check out bounce rate for every page. (One more article on bounce rate)

Check pages/sessions from every page

Avg session duration for every page.

After the above data then analyze those pages which are having high traffic with high bounce rate. Check out why the bounce for the page is high. If we add some popup on the page then remove it. If page doesn’t have good content then add some more content. If page design is not good then redesign the page. If we fix these issues then we will see good improvement in bounce rate.

Find out the highest goal completion page. Then check out the page has call to action button or proper link of our business pricing page. If a page doesn’t have these then add call to action button for the page and link for pricing page of our product or service.

Total number of pages (Pages count)                                   

Check out on regular basis total number of pages those are sending traffic to the website. If number of pages count goes down then check out the why the pages going down check index status in Google webmaster tool for the website also see Google webmaster tool checklist for the website.




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