5 Apps that can Lead Event & Wedding Planners to Success

Since 2010, a new kind of business is emerging as a promising one. Yes, the business is event management or wedding planning. At the beginning, the path of the budding event or wedding planners was not smooth.  There was no existence of any event management tools then. There weren’t abundance of the software or mobile apps.


But now the entire scenario has changed.  If you are an entrepreneur of a similar business, you can get adequate technical assistance from various apps. These apps and app marketing also help you to market your business as well. You can use the apps to build a brand name and increase its recognition. This blog, however, will discuss how entrepreneurs can make their event or wedding management businesses more organized and efficient. Nowadays, you can find a lot of smart and effective tools that can help you to simplify the complicated workflow of your event management assignments.

Let’s find out 5 best apps that can help you to take your business to the top of success

1. Pinterest

Whenever a new assignment is coming on your way, you need to come up with a creative and inspirational proposal or idea. Pinterest is perhaps the best app to find innovative and effective ideas. We all know that it is basically a social network for sharing and gathering images. It allows you to go through countless photos and images in order to find out creative ideas. When you are eager to impress your clients by an impressive proposal, you may look at Pinterest for creative ideas about the theme, design and the entire decoration of an event. Pinterest also helps you to share your thoughts with your clients without going through the time-consuming way of emailing.

What do you need to do?

You need to create a Pinterest account first of all. Then, you should set up a different “board” with each of your clients. In this way, you can share ideas with your clients without taking the pain of emailing back. At the same time, you may look at the ideas shared by others.

2. Evernote

Every successful business requires an organized system. Evernote is the most reliable app to keep all the essential stuff of your business in proper places. When you are handling event management assignments, you need to deal with a lot of images, texts, and notes.  Being an event planner, it is your duty to organize all of these images and texts systematically.  Evernote allows you to organize all of the stuff systematically. You may categorize the details of an event management project including texts and images as required by adding tags.

What do you need to do?

First of all, you require an account; so create an account. If you want to create a new text note, just select ‘+’ sign from the notebook list and tap “Text” from the new note pop-up menu. Next, you will find “compose your note” field where you need to write a few lines of your text. After this, you should tap the “Note Title” and write in the field for future references. After creating such notes, you can organize them and share them in work chart.

3. Slack

It is not possible for an event planner to handle everything regarding an event alone. A large team is required. Do you possess a large event management team? When you need to handle a large team along with the vendors, the task becomes quite difficult for you. You should be tricky in such circumstances. Slack is another app that can help you to communicate with the team members and the vendors related to your event management assignment. How does it work? It replaces long-winded emails with the shorter ones. You can create individual groups and add tags to your messages in order to find required information from them easily.

What do you need to do?

After creating an account, you can make channels. Your team members (who are involved in that particular event) can join the channel. You are free to send both public and private messages via these channels. But the best feature of this app is that it allows you to have a conversation with your entire team at the same time. Therefore, you can easily find out what is going on across the entire team.

4. Capsule

Capsule helps an event management business to keep track of the events they are dealing including the images gathered from the vendors and the team members. It is really a tiresome task to chase each client and team member for the photos. The Capsule app is the best solution to this problem. This is an app exclusively designed for managing images. And we know well that an event management assignment deals with bundles of photos. Capsule will help both the event planner an the clients to share and organize essential events.

What do you need to do?

You should ask all of your clients to download this app named “Capsule photo app”. It will import the pictures taken by them into the “capsule” online shared by you.

5. Doodle

Often you may need all of your vendors or team members together to make determine plans and strategies regarding an upcoming event. Coordination and scheduling play vital roles in event management. It is really difficult to get everyone together. But Doodle can help you  to propose multiple options and get responses from the attendee in a poll-like way. With the help of Doodle, you can suggest multiple schedules for a meeting and you should observe which schedule is mostly preferred by your event management team.

What do you need to do?

You need to create an account. After this, you can create an event by clicking on the “schedule an event” option. As an outcome, you can see the responses of the attendees to your events.

Other helpful apps

Other apps that can make your task easier are Blossom, Bizzabo and more.  Blossom is basically designed for project management (several aspects of event management like data regarding the distribution of the responsibilities among the teammates) while Bizzabo helps to manage invitations, registrations, and ticketing of a particular event.

Summing up

There is no denying of the fact that these tools can make your tasks easier and enjoyable. Whenever you start to enjoy your tasks, success will knock your door. Today, every field requires smart work. And these apps allow you to do smart work making you reap the benefits of advanced mobile app development technology.



Sudeep Banerjee

Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder and President of B3NET Inc., one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency, Orange County Web Design & Development Company in California, now serving clients nationwide. He brings to work over 26 years of expertise and quality in the various dimensions of Website design, Internet marketing trends and specializes to provide agile mobile apps development strategy. Over the years, he has helped more than 200 clients, which include small startups and large Fortune 500 companies.