5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Carrying a smartphone in your hand is not only a symbol for making phone calls and sending messages, it can easily be utilised for a lot more than this like playing games, editing pictures, creating movies, watching movies and tv shows and note taking. Smartphones allow you to have your personal space of work where writing and recording notes can be a lot easier and safer than noting stuff on a piece of paper.

Your phone provides you an option of take down important notes on your handy big screen. You can write notes, record voice, draw diagrams and much more through special note taking applications. They make your work easier and simpler than before. And of course not to forget it is environment friendly as you are surely saving paper for the future generation.

Today we are here to discuss the top 5 note taking applications for Android. Let’s list them down and pick the best one for our smartphones. So let’s get started :-

  • Evernote

Evernote is a popular note taking application in the digital world today. It s a pioneer app that leads you to a simpler and easier way to write on your smartphones. Evernote is not only a simple note taking application but also an interesting application with amazing features to count on.

Evernote allows you to create to do list, record voices, take simple notes, set reminders, capture photos and much more. Your notes are completely searchable and interestingly they can be created, edited and synced to all your devices easily. It an all in one application for business heads and workaholics

Developer: Evernote Corporation

Price: Free for Android users. Premium option is also available.

  1. Color Notes

Color Notes is a simple note taking application for your smartphones. It simple allows you to create notes, edit them, change background of your notes, put them on your home screen, put reminders as well as allows you to be more organized than before.

It has the ability to change background of your notes to differentiate between important ones. It also gives you a support for calendar, backup for security, task reminder and put your things on the priority list. What more can we ask from a note taking application.

Developer: Notes Productivity

Price: Free

  1. Catch Notes

Catch notes is yet another application that is going to be useful for most of the business heads and students in colleges. It apparently allows you to take notes, record voices, draw diagrams, sync them with other devices. T is quite an app that makes you work easier and simpler than before.

Catch also provides you an option for syncing notes with cloud, protect essential stuff with a Pin, email notes through your mobile phone, get free widgets, great background and automatic backup system. Catch notes is surely going to make your work interesting easier than what you can think of!

Developer: Catch.com

Availability: Free as well as pro version is available

  1. Google Keep

If we are talking about note taking applications then how can we forget Google Keep. It definitely allows you to perform all the basic work of a note taking application. It has an incredible user interface, material design and amazing features to work on.

Google Keep lets you take notes, record voice, add photos, draw, share them with friends, set reminders, quickly scroll through various pages at once and sync it with your multiple devices. For an extraordinary feature Google Keep also supports Android Wear for a better use in the future.

Developer: Google Inc. Productivity

Price: Free

  1. Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes is a pioneer application that has introduced people with great new features and essentials of a note taking app. It basically gears features for academic and professional usage. Lecture Notes was undoubtedly the first one to include stylus in its features.

It supports PDF files, recording lectures, adding photos, taking simple notes and a lot more. It seriously is a good application for users like me and you who need future reference for a better work performance in offices and colleges.

Developers: Acadoid Developer productivity

Price: $3.59 and a free demo


All the apps mentioned above are the best top 5 note making apps. You can surely use them as per your convenience. It just allows you to simplify your work by adding a new feature to your smartphone. What do you think?

This post has been contributed by Swati Sharma from Bloomtimes.



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