List of Efficient To-do List Apps for Task Management

Task management is never as easy as pie. It requires time, effort and possibly several sacrifices on the side to get all of your responsibilities in order and done on time. Considering the bulk of tasks we are supposed to accomplish at a daily basis, it’s no longer a wonder if we feel like we’re being inefficient in handling our schedule.

Good news is, there are already specific tools that are created with the intention of helping professionals manage their time well. They are the to-do list mobile apps that can be accessed and updated wherever you are. Take a quick break and have a look at our list.


Whether it is listing down tasks, writing a document or sharing certain contents to other people, Evernote has proven itself to be a highly reliable mobile companion. It has a clean user interfaced and is very easy to use. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to collaborate, this one might just be your next favorite go-to app.

JotterPad – Writer

This is literary like a mobile version of a clean notepad that allows you to jot down notes. Plus, you can create folders for easier categorization of your work. Using JotterPad allows you to shift between night and day modes depending on preference. If you value simplicity and practicality, this is a highly recommended note-taking companion.

Wunderlust: To-do List & Tasks

In a professional setup, it is highly possible to deal with tasks that need collaboration from different professionals. In this case, you will need Wunderlust to help you arrange and delegate specific responsibilities to different people.

This app also allows users to start a conversation about the specific progress of their work. It supports a reminder feature perfect for helping you keep tabs of deadlines. Apart from plain text, the tool also allows you to upload and attach photos, pdfs, presentations and more.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

This is a perfect tool for creating lists. Whether it’s a list of grocery items or a tidbits of tasks you need to finish for the day, you will have options to change the notepad color as well as its format – lined paper text option or checklist style.

The app is equipped with an automatic save feature that preserves the information you entered right after using the app.

Note Reminder – Easy Notify

You wouldn’t have any troubles remembering your day to day tasks again using this app. It allows users to customize alarm notifications for each task. It also supports a memo function, which means that you will see on-screen reminders on your homepage for incoming tasks.

Plus, users are allowed to create backups for the notes they created. This way, you can easily pull out its record in case you need to go back to few pending tasks you have not yet finished.

TimeTune Schedule Planner

Scheduling specific tasks is one. Developing a routine is another. This app helps you do both successfully. You can customize your day’s schedule by specifically assigning time to each activity. Categories like studying, relationship, housework, internet and more are some of the things you can explore.

Great thing is, you can also use this to send schedules for other people. So to those trainers and coaches who are in charge of creating regular schedules for their trainees could already send out updates on training schedules through mobile.

Notifications are fully customizable as well. You can choose to have it vibrate, go for a sound one or even a personal message!


You do not have to spend too much just to get some efficient time management tools on your phone. There are a lot of them present on Google Play Store and Apple Store. All you have to do is to try them out and see which works best.

Don’t shy away from the idea of using more than one scheduling or time management app. Remember that all apps have their own strengths and weaknesses. What worked for others may not provide the same convenience to your personal lifestyle. Explore and find your perfect app match!

Which of the list we have above would you want to use? Share your experience with other professionals!




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