The Twenty Best Android Apps For 2018

In December 2017, the Google Play Store had around 3.5 million applications. Now that we’re almost five months into 2018, we have decided to put together a list of the best Android applications that you need to have on your phone. These apps will keep you updated on the latest trends and fads while enhancing your overall usability experience.

Nova Launcher

Talk about customization, this launching application adds a personalized touch to your phone service. Locking your phone has never been this much fun. Downloading it requires no payment, but to unlock some limited features you may have to pay, but we assure you that it worth it!

Google Assistant

This application acts like your very own personal helper. You order it to perform tasks, call people, delete and open apps, and send messages with just a voice command. The best part is that even if you don’t have an Android and only have a smartwatch, you can still use Google assistant.

Swift Key

How rad is it having your own keyboard which forms words via a swipe and has colorful and vibrant themes? With backgrounds ranging from different colors and patterns, using this application will personalize your keyboard. It acts as a regular keyboard but detects and saves your behavioral patterns. Moreover, if you ever happen to switch phones, it will have all your communication data saved.

Google Duo

This application is like Skype and Facetime but with a simpler interface and is compatible with both Android and iOS. Also, it gives you a glimpse of your video caller before you accept or reject the call.


Taking notes and accomplishing tasks has never been more creative and easy. With this application users can now draw, paint, write using a stylus, take notes and add checks for each task. Still the editor’s choice for top app.

WPS Office + PDF

Compatible with all writing and Microsoft tools, this application allows you to add, save and edit documents with an easy to use interface design. It can also download documents from drives such as Google, it can also easily convert your document to a pdf.

Google News and Weather

Now, you need not Google the weather of a particular place every time by writing t=it on your default browser. Install this application, add your countries/cities/towns and view their weather and news updates 24/7 without any hassle and always stay connected with those faraway places.

ES File Explorer

Though not suitable for all users, it is a must-have for people who are rooted and require advanced user abilities on their phones. ES File Explorer lets you extract files, make space on your phone and uninstall applications with root privileges.

Google Drive

Forget any drive that you use. Google drive lets you save your data on their cloud and lets you access it without any difficulties. With ample space for all your files, be it personal or professional data, Google drive has got you covered.


In today’s world, SMS is outdated. Now, everyone owning a phone uses WhatsApp to communicate, either by texting, sending images, video calling, and audio notes. It is even used for advertising. WhatsApp is a must have for all smartphone users.

Google Chrome

The best windows software for a laptop with the fastest browsing capabilities that outpaces Firefox and Internet Explorer, Chrome can be installed on your phone for a user-friendly and speedy browsing experience. It has all the features of the desktop version.


This application is like this era’s advanced Bluetooth. Without any obstacles and wires, you can now transfer your data to and from your desktop and between other gadgets.

MX Player

You can now view videos and movies with many advanced features such as zooming, cinematic effects, voice control, playing speed, and many more.

Google Maps

Gone are the days when you used to ask for directions to get someplace. You can share locations and follow your personal phone map thanks to Google Maps. With the shortest route possible, you can view places or follow a friend’s location and see if the road is blocked. This is an essential app to have on your phone.

Pics Art

This one is a creative photo editing app tool for people who love to snap pictures. Using frames, backgrounds, effects, and text, this application also lets you share your work on its platform or you can just save your edits to your gallery. This is the most widely used Android photo editing tool.

Unified Remote

Imagine having a remote to control everything on your desktop while you’re nestled in bed. This phone app acts as a remote for your desktop and you can now control anything on your desktop screen.


People have always wanted to filter out their social media feeds to save content to read later, save images and ignore irrelevant content. Feedly allows you to do exactly that and more. Using this application, you can organize your entire feed.


With technology advancements comes the security and protection issue of your data. Regular pins and passcodes don’t do the trick anymore. LastPass is a premium passcode application that allows you to secure your data. You can save all your passwords, use different one-time passwords to log in to your applications and your passwords can also be synced in this application.


Ever wondered the name of the song playing or a tune that some advertisement uses which you just can’t seem to find? With just one tap, Shazam listens to the song and tells you the name. It even allows you to buy that track through Google Music. This application is a must-have if you’re a diehard fan of music!

Tiny Scanner

Don’t have a scanner at home and can’t afford one? Tiny Scanner has got you covered! This application allows you to scan images and detects the item to be scanned itself. A very helpful tool.


As 2018 really gets rolling, we’ll have even more application recommendations!



Loraine Sims

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