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There is an amazing growth in SAS. A new study tells that there is more than 1,50,000 jobs going to be arrive in USA before 2020. So the new freshers who are preparing for SAS are having a good opportunity in future. SAS is the most widely used software for Data Analysis. After SAS most of the companies use R for Data Analysis. But SAS is on the top. The main reason is that the non-technical person can also work on SAS Software. This is the biggest advantage with this software.

Also the salary packages are so high that’s why it attracts most of the employees. The licence of the SAS Software starts from 70 lakhs so small scale industries are not able to buy it. So SAS is only found in the MNCs and that is the main reason for the high salary packages.  See the below graph to find the average salary offered to a SAS Analyst.


How to start your career in SAS

SAS is very attractive field in this time. If you are having a good knowledge of SAS with VBA and MySql then you will get a handsome salary job in any Multi National Company that offered SAS jobs. If you want to start your career in SAS then it is the right time to pitch. This is the best time to start as SAS Analyst. If you are a new born baby to SAS then first search a job cum training institute from where you can get complete training about SAS. InRaMS also provide a complete SAS programming package and SAS tutorials to you. There are basically two approaches to start your career in SAS.

First Approach – Always try to target those companies in SAS which provide on project training. So that you can enhance your skills. Those companies’ works on Analytics badly need SAS Analysts for decision making.

Some of the market leaders in this technology are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin

While in Banking or Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI):

  • Capital One
  • American Express
  • HDFC

In Telecom companies:

  • Idea
  • Vodafone
  • Airtel

And in Analytics Consultancies:

  • Fractal
  • Mu-Sigma
  • Absolutdata
  • ZS Associates

It will be good if you have done internship programs in SAS from different companies. Then there will be good chances for selection in above listed companies.

Second Approach – If you have SAS Business Analyst related certifications then you can also hit top notch companies for SAS jobs. But you should have good SAS programming skills as well as communications skills.

In the starting when you are a fresher in SAS then the position offered to you is SAS programmer. After that when you got 3-4 years of experience then your designation will be SAS Business Analyst. And when you have an experience of 5-7 years of experience then you will be in Predictive Analysis. And when you will be have an experience of more than 10 years then you will be ranked as Data Scientists.

Who is eligible for SAS?

Now a day’s most of the graduates who have completed their graduation as B.Tech, B.Com, BSC are coming in this field. For technical person SAS is not a big task. If we talk about the B.Tech student it is not tough to learn SAS. Because they are already from the technical background they know how to code a program. How to use software and all. But also the non-technical background person can also code easily and learn SAS just because it is very simple language. Find best SAS institute in Delhi here.




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