How to prepare for SAS interview | How to crack SAS interview at fresher level

It is not as much tough as we all thing to get a SAS job. If you are targeting a fresher job in SAS then must have your basics clear in SAS. Little bit knowledge of VBA with MySql is an advantage. If we talk about the syllabus of SAS then it is very vast and at fresher level you can’t complete it. So there are some topics that needed to be cover at fresher level like BASE/SAS, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACROS and ODS. Once you cover these topics of SAS. Then you can easily crack the interview of any company.

The salary structure in the SAS is very high just because SAS is now available in the MNCs only and the salary packages of the MNCs are very high that’s why the salary packages in SAS are also high. At this time most of the people do not know about the SAS. So the men power is less in this field.

Required SAS Skills for a fresher for SAS Interview

Languages                  : SAS/Base, SAS/SQL, SAS/Macros

Data base                    : SQL

Utilities                        : Window SAS

Operating systems    : WINDOWS 95,XP

Educational Background of the candidate

Degree – Bachelor’s degree is standard; master’s degree is preferred

Field(s) – Statistics, computer science or related fields

Certification – SAS programming certification

Key Skills – SAS Proc SQL, SAS Macro and other SAS programs

Computer Skills – Unix, Linux

Extra Requirements – Analytical, Problem-Solving Skills, Advanced Mathematical and logical Skills

How to start a career in SAS

Step 1: Get a College Degree

Step 2: Acquire SAS Certification

Step 3: Consider Getting an Advanced Degree

Step4: Gain Company Experience

At this time the market of SAS is very hot. There are lots of SAS jobs available in MNCs. The maximum jobs that the industry provides in SAS is Banking sector. Because in banking sector the data is very large so they need more and more men power to handle this data. After that Government sector because they are also having a large amount of data.

Percentage Revenue Generated

Based on my analysis I have added a graph above so that you people can have better understanding the growth rate in SAS industry wise.

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