10 Habits So Completely Change Your Life

I remember just when the work, my colleagues said I like to look like my eyes did not hesitate to look like a giggle.

But after five years of work, I looked at myself in the mirror, nervous and anxiety group between my brow.

Phase from the heart of this thing seems to be true, a person’s face and the body is actually a little inner feeling of the real performance, pressure and bad mood makes me like a change in appearance.

So I started to reflect and take action.

Through a year to develop a few small habits completely changed me, anxiety and bad mood swept away.

1. Do the annual plan and break it down every month, every day

For their own annual plan, the annual plan specifically split into 12 months, or even broken down to every day.

This method can be out of reach of the annual plan, can be converted into a small task can be carried out every day to perform a little bit, and ultimately reach the annual target.

2. The stage of reading, reading 1 hour a day

To set their own stage of reading the theme, such as the selection of “time management” after the theme, a list of 5-10 books, in this period of time in accordance with the order of the book to read.

Reading is not greedy is not greedy, read 1 hour a day, each book is written after reading, even a word Ye Hao.

3. Insist on writing

Create your own media platform.

Record life life every day, every day output and publish an article.

The benefits of writing too much, not only can sort out their own messy thoughts, but also exercise learning ability, thinking ability and language skills.

4. Record the time cost, monthly statistics per month

I have a special book, record the time overhead.

Read the “best business books for beginners” of the students should know the story of Liu Beiche, my method is to do a record every hour, every night to do the time statistics.

Before the total exclaimed “time to go where?”, But not aware of a lot of time wasted every day in some unnecessary things.

Through the time record, let me more self-discipline, but also more reasonable planning their own schedule.

5. Usually do not see friends circle, push, group information, only in a fixed time to see

At the beginning of the time to record the time, I found that there was no time to realize the blank period, often spent brush friends circle, brush group information and other things.

A friend circle will be able to inexplicably brush the past half an hour, this process although my hand moving, but the brain is like running out of the same, in a vacuum state. Not only no harvest, but also their own chunks of time divided into a number of pieces.

And later forced himself to nothing to see the phone, only a fixed time to brush a little while, slowly found that the basic leak can not afford any important information.

6. Every day before going to bed to write “today summary”, and listed the next day will do three things

Every day before going to bed to be a “summary today”. Write out what you are pushing today? What is the harvest? What is the problem? And then list the three things that must be done the next day.

In fact, not only daily, weekly and monthly I will do a complex disk. The advantage of the complex is to leave the time of their own reflection, to consolidate the knowledge learned, to absorb the wrong experience of correction.

This process will be turned into a force, pushing you forward.

7. Build your own “external brain”

The so-called establishment of their own “external brain” is actually to establish their own knowledge management system.

The best way is to use the “cloud notes” software.

I use the “proper way cloud notes” to create a classification folder, to collect all the knowledge of their own areas of interest.

Now 1 year has passed, it becomes my “external brain”, I do not need to see all the things are back down, want to use what time, as long as the “external brain” in the glaze look like, Very convenient.

8. Stay focused on using the tomato work method

Every day I use the “Tomato Work Act” to stay focused, work 25 minutes to rest for 5 minutes. It makes me work focus, work and rest.

I used the best tomato work method software is “Forest”.

9. Early to bed and early to work, exercise

Morning time is the most valuable piece of time, can be used to study, writing, running fitness and so on.

Do not look more than every day earlier than the early 1-2 hours, a few years down will be able to read hundreds of books.

10. Spend time in your own interest

Buffett once said: “When I graduated, I will choose a career, when I do not need to work when the job will do.I do not want my sleepwalking to work, and I will not care too much about my I will choose those who I love, let me have a passionate job.If not the case, I will only keep watching the clock waiting for get off work.