4 Ways Field Service Management Can Improve your Business Productivity

The usage of mobile technology, particularly the utility of cloud-based services has transformed the way that we work. Everyone, regardless of the industry that you work in, seeks to provide excellent customer service, using well thought out, tried and tested strategies. E Works Manager has put together Field Service Management Software using a community cloud-based service with many options for keeping track of your team based on tried and tested techniques. Any serious business owner or director should consider using this kind of Field Service Management.

Constant Connection

Field Service Management Software such as E Works Manager can be used by managers and technicians alike in order to stay in constant communication easily. All good Field Service Management Software contains a seamless connection across any kind of mobile device. It also will include sufficient social functions that will keep technicians out and about on jobs, and back room personnel staff all connected, which is much more efficient than individual texts or calls one on one, between staff, when communicating about day to day affairs of the business.

Mobile Managing

Field Service Management Software must have strong mobile capabilities. If the software is not optimised for mobile devices it will be irritating for members of the workforce who work on the go. A high functioning mobile application for Field Service Management will be very useful in allowing users to access critical tools like quotes and inventory management, thus simplifying many processes  involved in the daily life of a business. Some of these tools can be gamified to transform the mundane task elements of undertaking them.

The Evolution of the Invoice

All invoicing can be managed using Field Service Management Software. For example, E Works Manager can manage draft invoices, email invoices, and change the status of the invoice all from your phone or tablet device. Invoices can be created using the cloud software and sent out immediately as soon as needed after finishing a job. Steps can also be taken to towards transforming a company into an entirely paperless business, with everything necessary being stored centrally on the cloud. If accidentally deleted, any lost invoices can be restored at the press of a button, (or touch of a screen in many cases) obviously a major advantage of misplaced pieces of paper.

Get Ahead

Cloud-based and mobile technology is currently driving the market, but it is of course important to keep an eye on new trends slipping into focus. Technologies such as augmented reality, wearable devices and 3D printing are all on the up. As it stands, Field Service Management Software has not yet extended into these areas, but by employing it as a piece of technology within your business, will help you to keep your eye on the ball and update your software as the latest developments happen. Any good Field Management Software provider will be up to date with innovative vendor’s experiments and be looking to capitalize on emergent trends whenever the opportunity arises. No doubt, any businesses associated with their software will also benefit.




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