5 Major Tips That Would Help You Create a Customer Centric Call Centre This 2016

Call centre industries these days do understand the importance of providing an excellent customer service to all their clients and customers, adopting an customer centric approach this is one of the best post where you could start. Below given are the 7 major tips that would help you create a customer centre call centre this 2016.

Understanding your Clients and Customers: Providing an amazing customer service would first require you to understand your clients and customers, and then tailor their needs accordingly. How would you here accomplish such a feat? Try out some of the suggestions given below.

  1. Providing customers details to the other departments (eg. technical support, the sales and marketing team) so that they could communicate and inform their approach to interacting with the customers.
  2. Organizing a customer insight team and encouraging them to leverage data to drive on decision making.
  3. Acquiring an in-depth information about each and every customer you have been dealing with, as this would help you in understanding your customers in a much more better manner.

Adopting a unified approach: According to a research study conducted by the Aberdeen group, 60% of all the contact centres have been using a minimum of six channels while engaging with their customers.However with most of the organizations because each and every division manages and stores its own data, the interaction between the customers and the contact centres have been fragmented. All it requires here is the central depository of data to ensure your contact centre providing the best customers experience.

Engage the back office: It’s not just enough to educate and empower the employees of your organization to provide the best customers centric service, but should also engage with the entire team about it.And in order to accomplish this you could try some of the suggestions given below.

  1. Developing the policies that enables agents to provide one of the top notch support (i.e flexibility to return to the customers call whenever needed or required).
  2. Encouraging the office staff to spend enough time in order to enhance their awareness of customers needs.
  3. Enhancing collaboration across the various departments and giving them the required tools in order to do so.

Giving importance to the feedback given by your clients: While working in a call centre industry you need to make sure that importance has to be given the suggestions, complaints, requests and opinions given by your customers making the required changes based on their needs and requirements.

Forgetting the silos:Have a holistic approach taken on to how you view your customers as they generally do not seem to one dimensional. And since customers are the ones who interact on various channels in the organization, it does become important to understand their complete journey along with your products and services. Remember in the eyes of the customers you are the one company who could make their experience seamless by having access of the customer on your fingertips.

To conclude it could be said that the call centre industries today are the most employee centric centres. And in fact as important all the above-mentioned practices in the article nothing dazzles the customers nor is as visible to them as human being. So what would you like to add to the list above, do leave your thoughts below.



Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

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