5 Things You Should do With Your Business This Summer

In regards to the scope of business, summer can be considered a laid back part of the year. Customers are not too willing to get out of their homes and prefer to save their money for summer vacations. Business themselves are, for the same reasons, running the shortage of manpower. Doesn’t seem like the perfect time to launch your ambitious business overhaul? That is the main reason why you should do it anyway. So, let us see how you can use this summer drowsiness to catch the unsuspecting competition off guard and propel your small business right into the major league.

Hire Tech Staff

Advancing your small business means exploring the territories you have not yet extensively explored. The territory you should focus on the most is the cyber realm. Of course, in order to do so you will have to consider expanding your staff with some of these positions:

Cloud Manager

Whether you are aware of that or not, but your business is probably using some of the cloud technologies. As the time goes by, the degree in which these technologies will be adopted is only going to grow. Hiring cloud manager will help you to navigate this uncharted land.

Mobile designer

Another trend that is not going to fade away in the foreseeable future is the rise of smart devices. The job of a mobile designer will be to create engaging content for smartphone users, and thus expose your business to the larger audience.

Community Manager

A position that will take under its attention growth and maintenance of your social media communities.

Take Your Business on the Streets

We already mentioned that during the summer your customers will be “lazier” that throughout the rest of the year. That is why you will have to double the effort to bring your business closer to them. Do that by hosting an event that will incorporate some of the vibrant summer spirit. Alternatively, you can take a part in some already existing event, fair, or show. Either way, your customers will be able to do business with you without breaking their summer fun.

Play to the Favorite Summer Tune

If summer is somewhat slower season for doing business, the same cannot be said for huge sport events, concerts, festivals, and tent-pole movie releases. All these things are great marketing hooks so it is fairly easy to make your business the favorite summer buzzword by playing to their tune. Rearrange your premises to capture the spirit of the next huge event, reward your customers with tickets and your business will rise from anonymity in no-time.

Reward Your Customers

Speaking of rewarding the customers, smaller sale volumes you will face during the summer season only mean that you will have to bind your remaining customers even closer, and use them to attract the new ones. Here are two ways to do that:

Introduce loyalty cards

They are used to track the purchases of one of your customers. Offer discounts to the customers that make regular purchases or spend large amounts of money.

Start referral program

Reward the customers that manage to persuade their friends to try out some of your products.

Upgrade Your Premises

Finally, summer slowdown means that you will have a perfect opportunity to make the necessary upgrades on your premises and allow your business to operate in its optimal capacity. Make sure to check everything ranging from basics like installing energy efficient windows to upgrades like social hubs and pet areas that will allow your employees to feel more like home and operate more efficiently.

If you follow these few tips you will manage not only to keep your business afloat during summer, but also to advance your sales and make the in-house changes necessary for advancing your business to another level. Why leaving all the summer fun to your customers?





Diana is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to marketing and business technology.