Common Presentation Folder Design Mistakes

Presentation folders act as an important marketing tool for your business as they represent your business to the potential clients. They can be used in a efficient way to organize your marketing materials and then present that material to a client. You should think of the folder as a homepage of your website. It should be versatile enough in a way that they can be used with different marketing materials without actually altering the content.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while actually thinking of the design of your presentation folder.

Do not use a Plain Folder

You don’t want your folder to be blank and boring, and it is definitely not something that just holds your marketing materials. It is important that you at least put your business name, logo, contact information and any other information that is relevant to your business.

Placing the design elements

How you place your design elements together plays an important role in how the folder will be perceived by your clients.

● Don’t place any business detail on the left ⅓ of the cover. This area is usually covered by the hands and this will not allow the logo or business detail to appear.
● Make sure to leave some space around your logo. It must not conflict with any other design elements on the folder.
● Make use of a limited amount of text. It should be covered in just one or two phrases. If you want to give out more information, make use of the pockets.
● The link and relation between your logo, text and image is very important.
● You can add any contact information on the back cover, or at the bottom of the page.
● You can make use of every surface of the folder and not just the cover to print something.
● The outside and inside of both front and back covers, including the pockets, can be filled with color and other design elements.

Don’t put too much text

When you put too much text on the outside of your folder, it will eventually conflict with the information present inside. The folder is something that carries your marketing materials. You must be able to change its contents without bothering about any contradictions with the folder itself.

A majority of your clients wouldn’t want to read a lot of copy on the presentation folder. They will be more interested to know the information that is inside the folder. This is why you must keep the text short and concise. All the longer text and information can be added to the brochures inside the folder.

Complicated Design

When you complicate the design of your folder, it will contradict with the message inside. You must limit the cover to your logo, business information, design elements. This way you can keep it simple and elegant. Do not go over the top with the kind of colors you use. Keep the colors and design elements in line with your other marketing and branding materials. The folder must have a focal point. Take a key element, this will help you find the focus. The design should be done around this key point.

Don’t make the design boring

While keeping the folder simple and elegant, don’t be so rigid that you end up making it boring. This might lead to clients not being interested in knowing what’s inside. You must know how to create that balance on your folder. Make use of images and graphics that are relevant to your business. Make use of colors that make it interesting.

Choose a good quality material

The presentation folder should not give the feel of holding a flimsy piece of paper. If you use a delicate material, it will not be sturdy enough for the materials that you put inside the folder. The touch and feel of the presentation folder is equally important as the design of it. The presentation folder is physical and tangible, it is not something to view on a screen. You also need to think if you want a gloss or matte finish for your folder. A gloss finish will look good but it will show smudges and fingerprints. Matter is pretty stylish but will not always attract attention. The weight of the folder is also important.

Choose the right printer

Just like with anything else you choose for your folder, you must also be careful of choosing the printer of your folder. Not all printers are the same. There are printers who specialize in folder printing. You need to do a proper research about your potential printer. You must check if they have a good record of folder printing. You must look at their sample of work. It is important to know about your printer and their quality of work.

Make use of the Correct Templates

You must make sure that you are making use of the right template that your printer suggested to you. Even though if you are using a custom design for your folder, you need to make sure that it is easily compatible with the die cut templates that are used by your printer. You need to be aware of the following elements that your template is actually made up of. Presentation folders are usually made in two sizes: A4 folders and A5 folders.

● Live area: this is the area used by your printer as a safe zone for adding important text or message. It is also reserved for cropping.
● Document bleed: When the printing goes beyond the edge of the sheet after being trimmed is document bleed. This will give the printer an idea about the amount of space that should be reserved for the movement of the paper.
● Trim area: This is the actual size of your document once the bleed is cut off.

Not providing the printer with important files

By not providing enough information about the folder to your printer, you will only be wasting time and resources. Before you start designing the folder, make sure you have all the information that the printer will require from your side. There is also a pre-press checklist that can be helpful for the graphic designers. If you complete a layout and then realize that it needed to be done differently, this means you will have to re-do it.


It is important that you provide the printer with all the important information for folder printing. By following the points mentioned above, you will be avoiding losses. Avoid costly mistakes it will be a good start for you.