Paystub- The beneficial paperless payroll system

Paystubs play a vital role in keeping the track of all the major payment records of an employee. A platform to transfer all your headache of payment dealings is being introduced by many stub sites online and these are aimed at sorting out all the embezzled tasks in respect to the earning of employees. Managing these paystubs is in itself a tricky job but not irony at all. At least, folks get to enjoy the benefits of it and these benefits encompass the guaranteed security. Inevitably, vast numbers of online paystubs are mushrooming at an increasing rate with a very responsive and satisfactory service conducts. But, before getting started with any of these, one must have necessary first-hand information too.

Pros -;


  1.    Paystubs assist to keep your payment history more organized and precisely ordered so that in case the employer needs to take a look back, it doesn’t require much of his efforts.
  2.    Beneficial both ways; That being said, one may infer that the advantages are not only confined to one category but with all those associated in one way or the other.  For e.g. even self-paid employers or small business owners are not far from its reach. They may refer to these paystubs in case they are asked to provide their payment evidence.
  3.    Paystubs get the burden off your shoulders as they do not require you to carry out immediate calculations and filtration of errors but do them on their own.
  4.    Information is in safe hands. There is no risk of deception or any outward interference.
  5.    Documents possessed by the payroll stubs are legal and can be accessed just after the completion of payment.

Pay Stub for Florida Employees

What information may you require to include in a payroll stub?

Many websites ask you to provide the details in accordance to the payment modes. They have made a distinction among those paid hourly and those are being paid the same for the whole of the year.  In order to keep a constant check on the payments and deductions, payroll stubs break down the stuff into three main parts.

Take a look at the following subsections as here we have categorized the information to be included.

Gross wages

Gross wages contribute to the sum when there are no deductions made at all. Again we see separately provided options for the employees being paid hourly or annually.

Payroll stubs not only enlist the regular wages of an employee but also include additional wages i.e. all that he has earned by doing overtime, as sick pay or holiday pay etc. Gross pay is further categorized into two separate columns. One signifies the current payroll while the other one is for the year to date payroll.

Taxes, deductions, and contributions

Some of the commonly mentioned deductions in a pay stub are employee tax deductions, deductions for charitable contributions, loan payments, and random voluntary deductions.

Net pay

This is the amount left after all the deductions are done from your gross pay.  This can be obtained as current net pay as well as in the year to date net pay format too.

Here is a pro tip for you if you are new to the business world.  Always keep multiple copies of these paystubs with you as they serve to be an important reference to help you understand the detailed difference of the amount you have earned and the amount you will actually receive in the end.