Ways for Fashion Bloggers to Mint Money on Instagram

You are aware how money could be made on Instagram but did you know that if you concentrate on a precise niche, you could earn even more? One really lucrative field is fashion, where various brands and designers are spending more than $1 billion every year to sponsor Instagram posts if statistics were to be believed. We know of a well-known fashion designer who boasts of a following of over one million people and she uses her popular fashion blog to woo sponsors and it is believed that the sponsors have gone to the extent of paying her $15,000 for every Instagram post. Does this inspire you? Are you tempted to build a fashion empire on Instagram?

The greatest contributing factor in the success of your Instagram fashion blog is the numerical strength of your following as brands would be paying you for views and precisely the number of people who would be seeing your posts. A fashion blogger who has a few thousand followers on Instagram could charge anywhere between $500 and $5000 per post. However, the moment you enter the 6 million followers bracket, you could hope to earn anywhere between $20,000 & $100,000 for every single post. Here are some effective tips from seasoned fashion bloggers to mint money effectively.

Make Exclusive Deals & Negotiation Is the Key

Fashion bloggers say that everything is negotiable and you must necessarily negotiate exclusives with specific brands. Sometimes the fashion brands would be requesting that no other competitors should be featuring the particular shot. There would be times when specific fashion brands could be asking certain competitors not be on his or her Instagram feed within a specified time frame, maybe for 7 days after posting the blog post. These exclusive deals would be assisting advertisers to promote their accessories and apparel and at the same time, help the fashion bloggers to cash in. If they are requesting the fashion blogger to exclude their competition from his or her site for a certain period of time, it becomes mandatory for them to pay a premium.

Consider Working with Agents

When you need to negotiate complicated terms with numerous different clients, you must consider hiring a professional agent to do the needful. A fashion blogger could seek the help of a modeling agency to assist her in handling her business competently. The agency would be helping you find clients, determine your prices and negotiate on your behalf a number of deals like sets of posts and long-term arrangements. If you have a professional team helping you out with negotiations and finance, you could concentrate more on your fashion blog which is your forte.

Find a Niche for Yourself

Fashion Instagrammers are a rage currently and so brands are more than willing to pay enough money to get placed on top feeds. If you wish to stand out from the rest, you must identify a fascinating niche and go about filling it. Do adequate and relevant research. If you are thinking of finding a niche and making your presence felt in a market which is known to be highly saturated, it could be a wise move to reconsider or maybe concentrate on a sub-niche. You could take the instance of beauty bloggers and how the Instagram is flooded with them. So you may specialize in any sub-niche like nail art. However, this could be a challenging affair as you must identify a niche fascinating enough to keep attracting a dedicated audience. You must also make sure that it is not such a broad sub-niche that you are lost in the crowd.

Get More & More Followers

The very first step toward achieving Instagram success is to gain more and more followers. You may buy real Instagram likes in this context. Every follower you get would imply more money for you. So how do you boost followers? You must go about creating and following a posting schedule and remember to stick to it firmly. You must post consistently and ensure that people would be fascinated by your posts and are eager to see them. You must focus on creating visually attractive and really interesting pictures and interact actively with your audience.

Conclusion: Attract Media Attention

Remember you could get more followers provided you are having more attention. If you have more followers, you could gain the attention of potential sponsors. Try to get some positive publicity. Attract the attention of the media. If any journalist gets in touch with you and requests for an interview with you, go ahead with it. You could alternatively, get in touch with journalists yourself and express your desire to tell your story.



Harris Scott

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.