5 Workplace Perks for the IT Professionals (Outrageous List)

As the competition for tech experts rages on, IT companies keep on adding attractive workplace perks to retain employees.

Google together with several other IT giants started this trend in the early 1990s, providing benefits that made their companies different from the rest. Nowadays, yoga classes, free snack bars, as well as nap rooms are becoming the new norm to more and more IT companies.

Here are some of the best and most intriguing perks from small and large tech firms around the world. Many of these benefits aren’t even specific to IT specialists but can be extended to other office workers. If you are looking for your dream job, it may be the right time to apply to any of these top-rated companies.

Flexible Working Schedule

According to a recent survey by ey.com, the majority of tech professionals are longing for flexible schedules, which rank right after high salary and benefits. Furthermore, a study by CompTIA showed that flexible working schedule is the number one factor of a dream job for IT experts.

More and more recruiters agree that offering the possibility to work remotely and a flex schedule helps the IT firms to remain competitive. Experienced tech candidates who had their “IT professional resume” written, can immediately select another firm if such benefits aren’t offered at their workplace.

Paid Maternity Leave

Netflix, which is a TV streaming company based in California, offers 12 months of paid maternity leave to their employees. This has helped the firm to get a benefits rating of 3.7 out of 5, as it was calculated with 93 reviews on their platform. What is more interesting is that both young mothers and fathers can take this paid leave and get back to part-time or full-time work as they want within this period.

Another music streaming company, Spotify, went further and became the first IT firm that covers the costs for fertility assistance or egg freezing. They provide half a year of paid leave for new mothers and fathers as well. So, these might be attractive companies for IT specialists who are planning to become parents in the nearest future and are afraid of losing their job.

Free Yacht Rides

This is a quite outrageous and enticing workplace perk, which is offered in iCracked IT firm. It might be a perfect job for ocean lovers or those who like adventures. In addition to free meals and health care, which have become typical for most tech companies, iCracked offers their employees free rides on the firm’s yacht. The yacht is docked next to the office and every employee can get the unlimited amount of rides whenever they want. This company specializes in fixing Apple products, so the workers don’t need to worry about their iPhone getting wet by accident.

Unlimited Vacation

Willing to take several vacations a year? Everything is possible with Eventbrite IT firm as they don’t count how many times you’ve had a vacation. Almost every IT professional is considered to be an all-nighter having tight deadlines and lack of sleep. Eventbrite company knows how to attract experienced developers. They want their employees to be healthy and happy, so they introduced a new outrageous perk. Nobody is counting your vacation time. Sounds exciting? As long as the tech professional meets the deadlines and finished their projects in time, they are free to take as many days off as they wish.

Bonuses for Dog Owners

Do you have a pet? Are you a dog lover? We have an attractive offer for you. Zynga, a game development firm, provides free car washes and meals as well as game lounges to their employees. But more than that, this company is famous for offering pet-related benefits, such as a rooftop dog park or free break areas for pets. It is estimated that there are over 200 dogs that co-work at Zynga at the moment. All of them are provided with a free health insurance, which can be really tempting for their owners.

Who wouldn’t be lured by a job with such workplace perks? Choose the company you like and wait for the opening to get a job of your dream.