6 Part-Time Jobs You can Easily Start on Your Own

Sometimes it seems that, no matter how hard we work, we just cannot earn enough money to support the lifestyle we have always dreamed of. In the most cases, the problem is not with us, but rather with the job we end up stuck with for what seems like forever. Still, the familiar evil always seems better than the unfamiliar one and, and abandoning your full-time job in order to make a leap of faith into the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship definitely befalls into the latter category. But what about a part-time job that could bring you the money you need and potentially replace your current income flow? Let us take a look at some of them to see if we can find something for you.

Babysitting/Pet sitting

Although the kids and pets are nothing alike, these two jobs share the same requirements – free time in the regular working hours or in the evening, and the love for kids/pets – so we have to put them together. Start by taking the care of your friends’ kids and pets and once you earn some money and few recommendations, you can even start making the necessary upgrades to your home and turn it into the full-blown daycare.

Reselling Things on the Web

Great businesses are not always built upon great products. Sometimes they are built upon the sheer convenience, and there is nothing more convenient than online buying. Give your customers a chance, then, to buy the products they usually cannot find on the web from the comfort of their homes, and take the duty of scavenging the garage sales and flea markets instead of them upon your shoulders. Just remember not to become greedy, keep you commission low enough, and you will have no problem making up for that through the volume of sales.

Freelance Writing

Internet is a huge place, and all those websites need a constant flow of interesting content that will keep their visitors engaged. Not only that, businesses are no strangers to promoting themselves through content marketing which, again, requires a lot of fresh and quality content, so we can safely assume that the need for freelance writers is bigger than ever. If you are good with words this might just be the job for you. Once you get the handle on how to create good content, you can even start your own blog and raise your career on a whole new level.

Bicycle Repair

People like to ride their bikes, but very few of them like to get their hands dirty when something goes wrong. That is very unfortunate for the bike owners because bikes do see a fair share of malfunctions on a regular basis, and very fortunate for you because bikes operate on a fairly simple logic and learning how to deal with those malfunctions does not require too much time. It is also worth mentioning that the tools you will need to repair a bike are not too expensive, either, so you can start your repair show relatively effortlessly.

Become an Artisan

Young people are slowly abandoning the corporate uniformity, and leaning more and more towards individuality and more casual look and habits. The easiest way for them to express that individuality is, of course, thorough unique hand-made items, so if you have a pair of crafty hands, you could try to meet this demand. The possibilities are virtually inexhaustible so whether you are going to make interesting boho jewelry, industrial looking furniture pieces, accessories for the people who have an itch for steampunk, or even cute knitted iPhone cases is entirely up to you.

Rent a Room

Have you ever considered renting one or few rooms of your house? You should, because you can make the maintenance costs much more bearable, and earn some money in the process. If your town features a rich tourist offer, you will have no problem finding a lot of people that will need to find an overnight stay or share accommodation with a flatmate. If your home place, on the other hand, is not that tourist friendly, you can always go a more conventional route and look for a long-term tenant.

You know how they say – When there is a will, there is a way, so it is very important not to give up and continue pursuing your dreams even if your ideal part-time job is not on this list. Your future career may be waiting just around the corner.




Diana is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to marketing and business technology.

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