5 Best Fitness Tracker You’ll Strap To Your Wrist


Currently, fitness wristbands and gadgets are popular among different users.  Despite the increasing attraction to smart devices, including smartwatches, wristbands remain popular. Also, people continue to use fitness bands despite the fact that smart devices have added advantages including notifications thus ensuring convenience.  Clearly, the fitness trackers or wristbands are here to stay. They are cheaper compared to smart gadgets, more compact and lighter. For those searching for trackers or wristbands to motivate them while working out or exercising, they can track their calorie levels. Additionally, it is possible to monitor and keep in watch your sleeping patterns. Tracking wearables are focused and can help you track your activities movements, thus addressing the needs of individuals.

Choice of Fitness Tracker

Different individuals make different choices when it comes to the gadgets. First, the metrics you need to measure or monitor should guide you on what device to employ. Metrics include heart rate, distance travelled, rate of burning calories, calories taken among others. Besides, the prices of gadgets vary. Only go for those you can afford. It is important to choose the type you will employ. Some prefer clip- on, others watches while others will choose bracelets and bands.

  1. Pivotal Living Band

The band is one among the cheapest fitness tracking devices. However, it is very featured and convenient to use.  It helps in tracking of metrics, including step count, sleep quality, distance travelled and calorie burnt.  The sportsband consists of a screen small in size and displays the metrics as well as the time for you. For those dedicated to keeping track of lifestyle and other metrics, there are companion apps that can help in keeping track of hydration and nutrition. Apparently, wearable trackers are essential for people who wish to lose some pounds. Each year, the device is upgraded. Anticipated changes include more apps to track more metrics.

  1. Fit bit Charge HR

This tracker helps in monitoring events as they take place.  The tracker does record a variety of metrics. It monitors and records the steps, distance one travels, calories one burns and the time one is active.  If you enter your meals, it is possible to keep track of the amount of calories that you take in the body each time.  Sleep tracking is also possible while using the tracker.  The band or tracker has been updated, and it is possible to have the tracker on while doing cartwheels. It ensures the accuracy of the stats and at the same time, has a track as well as monitoring the heart.  The gadget is effective due to being accurate thus being convenient.

  1. Runtastic Moment

The device is popular among many due to the amazing fitness and running app.  The device has also been made wearable. The watch has LED light and a progress bar. The two can sync with the phone to monitor and give stats on the activities.  It makes it possible to track your steps, the calories you take and burn, distance travelled as well as periods of sleep.  The wearable devices currently come in different sizes, a variety of styles, thus, suits ones taste and activities.  For example, there are sporty watches for a sporty look, classic watches, and funky watches.  The best thing about the gadget is that it does not require charging.

  1. Withings Activites

The tracker is effective in the tracking of sleep patterns, keeps watch of the steps you make, the distance you travel and the calorie intake.  It is waterproof, thus making it possible to use it for tracking the movements while swimming.  The device comes in varieties suiting customers tastes as well as preferences.

5 . Polar A360

The tracker is currently one of the best in the market for tracking and monitoring the heart.  Unlike traditional heart monitors, it is simple to use and comes with more innovative technology.  The wearable band has a screen that is colored which makes it attractive.  It has an app that trains you and guides you in proper use, as well as precautions. Gadgets news indicates that you can share the data that the device provides with your coach.  It also comes with straps that are colored and interchangeable. Also, it is waterproof and, therefore, possible to use it for monitoring and tracking heart beats while swimming.


In a nutshell, wearable fitness trackers come in many varieties and types. However, the choice of trackers you need depends on the need and preferences. It all depends on the metrics you need to track and the look you want to pull out. For example, some people prefer fancy and classic looks. Others will go for a sporty wearable while others opt to include the color of the screens as well as the strap.   The prices of the devices also vary. Therefore, people will go for what they can afford. The trackers are essential and are useful in tracking various aspects and metrics, including, the distance traveled, heart rate, calorie levels, steps taken among others. Try the one that suits you.



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