Comprehensive Info on Remote Playout Automation

Remote playout automation allows delivery of TV content from the broadcaster end to widespread audiences, and other distribution channels. The concept of TV broadcasting through playout automation is quite impressive and of great relevance especially for advertising firms. Utilizing the features of CLOUDPORT infrastructure, broadcasters are now providing automated and technology-driven services for the delivery of TV content anywhere in the world.

Complete Analysis of Cloud Playout Services

Area of Application

Delivering an ad to a channel is the complex process that requires proper management and maintenance. The remote playout automation simplifies these challenges by supporting multiple channels with EDGE server on the playlist. The technology delivers Dolby Digital encoding, watermarking and channel branding as one integrated software solution. The main area of application includes:

  • Television channel broadcasting company
  • Used for entertainment or news channel studios live video broadcasts
  • Cable TV operator or MSO

Work Process

The increasing number of TV channels is making broadcasters think more on core activities such as content creation and monetization. In this competitive market, there is a need to focus on core revenue-generating activities. By using new cloud-based technology for content delivery and playout management, broadcasters can ease the distribution of content to different platforms. Understand the process of the content delivery system in five simple steps.

  • Content ingest and transfer through preparation server
  • Playout content management
  • Content delivery over cloud server
  • Delivered content then stored & played using the EDGE playout server
  • 24×7 monitoring of content is assured
  • Used by satellite channel broadcaster



Organizing different activities from production to telecast of TV ads is a challenging task for broadcasters. Broadcasters need to utilize advanced management suite to have control over content playlist from anywhere in the world. The cloud-enabled playout offers the best solution for advertisers, and comes with a broad range of capabilities, including:

  • Feature-rich content insertion
  • Advanced & user-friendly user interface (UI)
  • WAN optimized content transfer
  • 99% SLA for playout
  • Smart recovery solutions
  • Automated local content transport system
  • 24×7 monitoring of video playout, network & devices


The cloud-based playout services enable broadcasters to store and archive all necessary TV ads without investing a considerable amount of money, which is not possible in the case of traditional asset management platforms. The built-in replication feature provides easy collaboration across multiple sites. Also, it is easy to manage content alteration for VOD and OTT multiscreen delivery. Besides these, various other things are possible with cloud-based playout service including

  • Suitable for 24×7 news or commercial ad insertion
  • Live programming switch in/out
  • Output in SD, HD, and Ultra HD (4K)
  • Edge playout servers
  • Playlist scheduling and editing
  • Full security of TV content as stored in encrypted form

In the End

The playout service offers benefits for both broadcasters and investors and gives the huge opportunity for growth as well.



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