How Fake Security Technology Can Be Used Efficiently?

As the world advances, every technological sector is continuously improving and security cameras make no exception in this matter. With every new model appearing on the market, the quality of the image, the resolution or contrasts are seeing an improvement, whereas the size of the gadgets is smaller and smaller. For instance, there is currently one exemplary that is able to fit within a pen, a watch or can even be concealed in your glasses. Furthermore, it is almost incredible for anyone to comprehend that you have a camera secreted somewhere even if they gaze at you, for the reason that they are almost invisible and completely unnoticeable. In the case of a watch, for instance, the camera might be hidden in one of the 12 digits.

High-Resolution Cameras

Another impressive specimen is the one secreted in glasses. There is at present a new spectacle lens camera, High Resolution, see-through, that stands out with exceptional design, sophisticated and modern at the similar time. Even more, unconditionally all the keys (on/off/video/photo), counting the USB input, are very well concealed, so no one will notice that in point of fact there is a mini video recording system someplace in your glasses. The high-resolution camera is proficient to film and also has an elusive microphone. What is more, all videos and photos are kept on an incorporated Micro SD card. This kind of camera supports up to 8GB cards. To transfer files, you just have to connect the USB cable to the workstation, and the camera will spontaneously be documented as a regular memory stick.

Spy Pen

Subsequently, the spy pen is yet another inspiring fake security technology. Spy pen is the solitary product in the marketplace to incorporate the subsequent five functions: HD camcorder, camera, web camera, voice recorder as well as a motion detector. This implausible item has a built-in 4GB memory and a rechargeable battery of an enormous capacity, which can function from a solo recharge for up to 2 hours consistently.

High-Quality Video

The High Definition video camera, further its complex functions, could be set to record in the subsequent resolutions: 1280×720, 640×480 or 352×288 pixels. In addition to that, the above features, this mini spy video camera could record spontaneously, without manual intervention, as soon as the motion sensor notices any form of movement. Each record is published with the date and time it was captured. Downloading videos, photos, and audio are done by connecting the pen to the computer via USB and it will automatically recognized as a memory stick. Besides all these features, this device can be used as a regular memory stick or pen.

Taking the Services of a Security Specialist

When you need to enhance security in your premises, you may need to get the services of a security technology expert to help you out. Such professionals can be used to determine the right kind and number of safety gadgets that you can use in your building whether it is a commercial one or a residential one. However, just as it is the case with other kinds of professionals, there are a few issues that you would need to keep in mind when looking for one of these. The first of these is that you should know that not all specialists of this kind are the same, so you need to be careful about the kind that you use.


There might be indeed certain situations when you will be tempted to buy some of these fake security technologies. Considering their amazing properties, most of them are worth buying, even though you just want to have some fun and play with them.



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