How Does Fleet Management Work?

To give simple definition of fleet management it can be said that it is a management system which deals with the company’s vehicle fleet. Actually, it is the system by which any government or private companies manage their transportation system along with the vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, ships and rail. The fleet tracking system comprises of essential features.

Features of Fleet management System

  1. The basic functions of the fleet management include telematics, fleet tracking and diagnostics, maintaining the vehicles and operating finances related to it, management of the drivers and obviously, fuel management.
  2. By installing this system, the owners of the company can monitor every movement of their vehicles without even be present physically at the spot. This system enables them to stop any illegal use of their vehicles by drivers.
  3. The motto of this management system is to ensure that the company is dealing with the most reliable and cost-effective transport system which efficiently meet all the needs of the company needed for its business to grow.
  4. The management system is also liable to check that the company always maintains the rules and regulation of the government. By doing this, it makes sure that the company gets the maximum productivity at much cheaper cost and lesser fuel consumption.

In a nutshell, the functions of vehicle management system are:

  • Vehicle investment
  • Improving productivity
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reducing overall cost of transportation
  • Changing the behavior of the drivers.

How Does GPS Work?

  • The basic function of this management system is the vehicle tracking component which is a GPS based operation.
  • This system keeps the company alert and informed about the vehicle’s location, speed and direction.
  • The GPS system works with 24 orbiting satellites which use radio signals to send data back to the receivers to make them updated about the condition and location of the vehicle.
  • The GPS locator beacon is installed in the dashboard of the vehicles of a fleet.
  • The whole management system becomes active by installing GPS or GLONASS. Thus, it helps the fleet manager to monitor any vehicles in the fleet at anytime, either by installing the software into his computer or by checking online.

How to Use GPS System

After installing GPS system to any tracking device, it can be operated in two ways-

  1. Active Trackers– In this system the whereabouts of the vehicle is instantly send through the mobile network to the tracking system. So, you can get the present picture of the vehicle and its condition.
  2. Passive Trackers– All information regarding the journey is recorded by the tracker and you can download it whenever required. It is mainly done when the vehicle returns to the base.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Management

  • By providing the fuel cards, the service provider helps you in fuel management.
  • There are many service providers who provide customized maintenance of the vehicles for their clients.

The management system providers also give the most importance to the security of the driver and the vehicle. The security systems are located within the vehicles which enable employers to slower the vehicle and ultimately stop it within the fleet.




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