Jean-Marie Roland

Name: Jean-Marie Roland


Born: 18-Feb-1734

Birthplace: Thizy, France

Gender: Male

Race: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Government

Party Affiliation:

Nationality: France

Description: French Interior Minister, 1792-93

Jean-Marie Roland – Jean-Marie Roland was a French Industrial scientist who became a prominent leader during the French Revolution. Roland was very studious as a kid and received a good education. When he was offered the choice of becoming a businessman or a priest, he rejected both the offers and focused instead on studying manufacturing, which lead him to the city of Lyon. Roland wrote numerous books on manufacturing and political economy, and his wife, Jean-Marie Phlipon, was equally involved in his work. She helped him in editing his books as well as supporting his political goals. Because of the political influence his wife exerted, Roland was appointed minister of the interior in a cabinet composed mostly of Girondins. Roland came into conflict with Louis XVI when the king vetoed a decree to establish a national guard camp outside of Paris. Roland called upon the king to withdraw the veto, but the king responded by dismissing Roland and most of the other Girondin ministers. Roland vigorously opposed the economic controls advocated by the radical democrats of the Jacobin Club. When the king was executed on charges of treason, Roland fled the city of Paris. But when he heard that his wife had been arrested and executed, he committed suicide.