Revolutionizing the Industry: New Means of Personal Transportation

In the pop-culture, it is seems that personal transportation is something that separates present day from tomorrow. When you talk about it, you probably imagine people flying around with jetpacks and whizzing around in some weir zooming vehicles. Not only this, but you might also guess that all of those vehicles are going to be completely safe and environment-friendly. Still, you may not know that there are already many new vehicles, some of them already released while the others have only been proposed. We present you the list of some new personal transportation vehicles that might revolutionize the whole industry.

Lightweight Autos

There has been much speculation about lightweight autos for quite a long time now. Gasoline is slowly becoming more difficult to obtain, and our future lies in the vehicles that are ran on electric power. This also means that these new vehicles have to be as light as possible so that they do not require too much energy. Still, such vehicles have not yet been made, although there have been some visions of how these may look like. Even though it seems like transition to electric vehicles is going to be necessary, it does not feel like we are going to see any of these on the market in the near future.

Flying Vehicles

Another thing men have always dreamed about are flying vehicles for personal transportation. Even though many people dream of teleportation, flying vehicles are a more likely option. This way we would get rid of all the traffic jams as well as road maintenance and move around much faster. Probably everyone remembers the jetpack 007 used in the movie Thunderball. The technology has become much more advanced and scientists have already come up with something like 007’s jetpack. Still, we do not know yet when we could expect something like this on the market.


Unicycles are surely one of the most fun ways to move around the town. Still, balancing on a unicycle may give some hard time. That is why today we have self-balancing unicycles which are much easier to use. Honda has come up with the new U3-X which provides free movement in all directions. Even though this project has been announced in 2009 and Honda engineers demonstrated the vehicle in 2010, it is still unknown whether this device will be offered for public sale. Even though we do not know much about it right now, we can still imagine how cool it would be to move around on one of these.

Flying Bikes

Jetpacks and flying cars are not the only things we might expect to fly in. Companies Duratec, Technodat and Evektor from Czech Republic joined their forces to create a bike you can actually fly with. Even though it is still only a prototype, we can expect to see something like this in the future. The progress of flying bikes is yet unknown and we might have to wait much more to see flying bikes become ready for use. Still, this is only a speculation and flying bikes may not live up to hit the market at all.

Self-Balancing Scooters

Segway is one of the biggest innovations in the industry we got to witness. It is a device that typically consists of two wheels and two small platforms between them. The device is self-balanced and it is controlled by rider’s feet. It is also commonly referred to as hoverboard as it looks like you are hovering in the air when you are riding one of these. Today, you can get a Segway board for quite reasonable price and use it in your everyday life. It seems like self-balancing scooters are becoming more and more popular every day and we are expected to see a lot of more from these devices.

We are surely going to hear much more speculation about innovations in the industry of personal transportation. There are some device you can already give a go while you will have to wait more to see some new ones hit the market.





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