Top 10 App for Mobile

Following are top 10 app for mobiles. These app are very entertaining and useful.


Facebook is a social networking website. Here people can connect with each other. Here people can create their profile and use it as social networking website. Company can create their pages and use those pages for branding of their company

2- Twitter

Twitter is also a social networking website. Mostly celebrities are using this app for update news. In twitter you can feed news within 140 characters.

3- Dropbox

Dropbox is a service by which you can share your document, Photos, Videos freely or save them in your box online. I love this app it is very useful for me.


Instagram is an online app by which you can share photo and videos. Capture and Share the moments of life. Instagram is a fast, beautiful app with the help of this app you can share with your friends and followers your life event and other activity.

5- YouTube

YouTube was founded in February 2005.It is a video sharing website and listed in world top 10 sites. With the help of YouTube most of the entertaining companies create their channel and use it for their branding and share their videos.

6- Google Voice

Listen to voice mails; read transcripts make cheap international calls (through your international number) through Google Voice. You just have to open up Google Voice and you can see a transcript of messages and play them back without dialling into voicemail.

7- Google translate

Google translator is a very nice tool with the help of this tool you can translate any language to which one you want, I like this tool it is awesome.

8- Pinterest

Pinterest is a directory where you can find idea’s for your projects and find interest things. It is a very nice platform.

9- WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a n app it is using for messages and sharing your photos with your friends and others.

10- Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging website and also social networking website. With the help of Tumblr you can share your content and multimedia.




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