10 Working Ways How to Create Catchy Content for Your Blog

You want that your content is engaging and exciting in a way that people will read it, share it, and come back to read more later. You do your best to research valuable information, do interviews, and add a fresh point of view to anything that you say. But now you want to improve it with an extra flavor so to make it unforgettable.

Create catch-up content that stick to your visitors’ minds might require a bit more than what you are doing at the moment. It is much more about doing further research (so to find out what your target audience is looking for) and delivering in the best format you can than just writing down first thing that comes to you. So let us see where you can get these crucial insights and how you can use them to increase the traffic to your blog.

# 1 – Check comments

The comments of your visitors are one of your most precious sources of information. They will tell you what they want to read next, what is not clear enough, and what you need to improve.

So go through it regularly, at least once per week, and gather tips that you can use to perfect your content marketing plan. And take it to the next level by improving the call-to-action that you already leave at the end of your blog posts, so to increase the number of comments you get.

# 2 – Do a survey

If you want to know what your audience consider as catch-up content, you can simply ask them. Try to distribute a survey, asking them to tell you which topics you should cover and which kind of detail/data they are looking for, for instance. You can either do it as a one-off, sending a survey through an e-mail marketing, or add a permanent suggestion box as a widget on your blog.

# 3 – Create a contest

What about creating a contest and letting your audience create content for you? This way you will have no doubt that they will like to read, share and comment on it, as they will be proud of themselves and interested in telling about their accomplishments to their friends.

Of course, the idea here is that you will publish not only the winner’s post but all contestants. And after the end of the competition, you should spare some time to analyze the material they have sent to you so to know better which kind of posts they would like to see on your blog.

# 4 – Check your social media networks

Your social media networks are another great source of comments and data that you can use to create catch-up content for your blog. Just by looking, which posts get more shares or likes you will know the preferences of your target audience in no time.

So make sure that your blog has a profile or page on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media network that makes sense to you blog – as you know, there is no point in having an Instagram account if you only use stock images, for instance.

# 5 – Research on Reddit

Reddit is a fabulous source of information, and you don’t need to be very active there. You can just browse through the communities (subreddits) and see what people have been talking about your industry or topic of interest.

This way you can find out great ideas for your posts and what you shouldn’t talk about as well. But if you have the time, try to ask a question about anything you need to know and get replies that will make your content much more engaging.

# 6 – Have a look at hashtags

Spend some time browsing on Twitter and on Instagram to check the hashtags that have been trending recently among your target audience. This way you will know which topics are in their minds at the moment, and you can join the conversation by sharing the link of the post you just wrote about it. You can also ask questions if you need any clarification or more details about what they are talking.

# 7Research Keywords

Same way that you just researched for hashtags, you should check the most searched keywords through Ubersuggest, Keyword Suggestion tool or KeywordTool.io – use these tools if you want to create catch up content. They are valuable not only when you add them to your text but long before that, as they can help you to choose which topics to write in advance. And you should always check if there are any keywords that you haven’t contemplate in your blog as a post so far and get it done as soon as possible.

# 7 – Check Google Trends

Google Trends will let you know the topics that people are searching more often on Google so you can know what is coming to fashion in real time. With this type of information, you can be one step ahead of your competitors and be the first to write about a topic that your audience doesn’t even know they will be looking for. It can be something about a trend, predictions for the next year, or a hack that will make their lives much easier, for instance.

# 8 – Tell a joke

Everybody loves to laugh, especially considering the fast-paced and stressful life that we have been dealing with nowadays. So if you manage to put a smile on your audience’s faces, chances are that they be back to read more of your posts later on. And you don’t need to be a comedian for that. Even just adding some memes to your posts can be a great way to make your content more engaging.

# 9 – Tell a real story

People like to know stuff, especially when it is about somebody else’s life – no wonder why gossip makes fortune for so many tabloids and magazines. The anthropological reason for that is to learn from other people’s mistakes so to increase our chances of survival. It also helps us to bond as a group (what also increases our chances of survival).

So if you tell some real stories on your blog, you will be boosting the chances that your content becomes memorable. It can be about you or not, or you can just add a few paragraphs to your current posts, and it will bring you better results.

The bottom line

There are many ways to write a catch-up content if you are willing to do some research and listen to your target audience before writing. Of course, you know a lot about your industry, or you wouldn’t be writing about it. But you need to know what your visitors want to read, instead writing about what you think they should read.

It is not up to you to decide it, and your intuition might lead you to the wrong way if it is not based on facts and stats. So make the most of the tips above and start writing posts that will wow your clients from now on.




Dante Munnis is a blogger and idea maker from Stockholm who is interested in self-development, web related topics and success issues. He shares ideas for students living a better life and building habits that stick. To get strategies for boosting your mental and physical performance.