Vital Tools Every Student Writer Should Know and Have

Writing is an essential and integral part of the education process across all levels. It is the major way through which examiners and instructors gauge a student’s understanding and grasp the concepts, theories and philosophies taught in class. In order for a student to show mastery of a given subject or topic, it is vital that they know and possess certain tools that are pertinent to effective and efficient writing. This article will critically look at these tools and provide valid reasons as to why they are important for any and all student writers.

The Internet

In the 21st century, technology has revolutionized every sector of human living. Education has also been affected positively by technology in the form of the Internet. This is owing to the fact that the Internet is the largest database of information in the world. It contains information pertaining to any and all fields of education and knowledge in their updated form. Information on the Internet is constantly updated, so to keep it both relevant and usable by any interested party. This makes the Internet a very important tool for research, one which every student writer should know about and have at their disposal.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

According to writing experts at, every given assignment or paper has its own specifications concerning the formatting and citation style to be employed in the writing of the paper. Currently, there are four types of citation styles that are mainly used by most universities around the world; namely APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago (Turabian). However, there are other citation styles that are not predominantly used by education institutions. The Purdue Online Writing Lab is the most recognized and internationally accepted source of the most recent updates and changes to these citation styles. In order for a student writer to be accurate and up-to-date with these citation styles, they ought to be able to access the Purdue Online Writing Lab through the link This website provides all the citation styles and paper formatting requirements related to each citation style. It is vital that every student writer knows how to properly and adequately format their paper and cite all sources according to the required citation style.


Journals have been important tools for academic researchers and scholars from time memorial. This is journals provided all information pertaining to a given subject or field. However, the most important aspect of journals is the fact that all information contained in any given journal has to be accredited and approved by a standing body of authority within the given scientific field. This makes journals a very crucial source of information for a student writer as they assert the credibility and authenticity of the information presented by the given writer. Electronic journals provide such services at the convenience of the writer. It is therefore important that all student writers have access to electronic journals so as to add credibility to their research.

Online Libraries

Books are an integral part of any given research. This is because for almost any given research topic, someone has conducted a research on it and written a book. This information is crucial to act as a foundation for any given research, whether it is a research on the same topic, or a progressive research to further knowledge on the given topic. It is important that all student writes have access to online libraries, be it regular online libraries or online university libraries, with an adequate number of books as sources for foundational information for their research.

In conclusion, the Internet is a fundamental tool for all student writers; it contains every possible tool and resource that a student writer may require to complete any given work of writing. Some of the important and helpful tools on the Internet such as the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), e-journals and online libraries help make one’s research process easier and effective. It is vital that student writers know and possess these tools that are pertinent to effective and efficient writing.



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