5 Key Factors to Consider While Building Your Retail App

Today, consumers have changed their preference for buying as they wish to have an entire shopping experience at their fingertips using smartphones. The traditional way of shopping within the four walls of a store is set back. This is the reason why more retailers are coming up with e-commerce stores and mobile apps for their business.

With a gradual rise in the use of smartphones and apps during the past few years, it has become imperative for retail businesses to build an app that connects with its customers in a more robust way.

Here, we have mentioned a few steps to consider while building your retail app

  1. Customer Needs:

Understanding your customer requirement and need is the key step in building a perfect retail app. The leading retail apps like Amazon offer a robust search engine, a user-friendly interface, and recommendations tab to blend it into a successful retail app store. And there was no magic working on here. It only reflected the customer needs of having a one-stop online store to give a long-lasting shopping experience.

Additionally, it went on to understand the need of customers buying products in form of gifts. So, Amazon included a gift-wrapping checkout system. This outshined all the other online retail app stores. The whole point is to understand your customers and their needs.

  1. Consulting Professionals:

When dealing with the health issues, you consult a doctor who is capable enough to point your issue and guide you in the right direction of being healthy. Same is the case with building your retail app. You may have several other low-cost options for building your retail app. However, it is best advisable to hire professionals in app development. They can guide you towards using best app development platforms and tools according to your specific needs. They know the market trends better to offer with the best feasible solution.

  1. Minimalism:

The less is more. This is the mantra of building a great retail app. Complex navigation, hard-to-use user interface, and complex checkout system; all this sums up to giving a bad user experience causing your app to fail altogether. Instead, give a simple yet efficient interface to your app. Minimize on navigation and complex features. Users will always find it irresistible to come up again on your app store if you provide them with a smooth experience. You must also consider the factors like speed and performance while designing your retail app.

  1. Onboarding Your App:

You may have created an extraordinary app but it might become difficult for you to get the customers to download your app. The global app market is turning competitive than ever. Millions of apps are available in the store and customers to have several options in front of them to choose from. So, why should they download your app?

You might also ask this question to yourself before building your app in real. Make your app unique in order to beat the competition. Here are some ways in which you can add the touch of uniqueness to your retail app:

Add fun elements: Make your app fun and interesting to kill the boredom out customers while using the app. This will surely give you an edge over the competition.

A complementation to site: You already have a website or web portal. What you need is to add some extra features to your app that aren’t available on the website to make it useful and downloadable.

Device specific app: If you wish to provide an everlasting user experience to your customers, then consider treating them with the device-specific app. Building an app that is specifically designed to fit the user’s mobile architecture is sure to win more downloads.

  1. Post Development Support:

According to statistics, almost 58% of the users discard an app within 30 days of its installation. What is the reason? Poor post development support might be the one. Businesses need to understand that customers are always looking for newer features to be implemented in the app to keep them engaged.

Reviewing customer feedback, pointing to their issues and problems while using your app, taking their issues into concern is all part of post development support. You may also come across some vital issues like bugs in your app that is causing hindrance to make it a success.

Well, your customers will always point out these issues and thus offering customer support is important.


Building a retail app is one thing and building an awesome one is another thing. Though there may be several other factors that need to be considered while developing the app, the ones mentioned above will only help you to push further. Have you considered these factors while building your app? Share your experience here in the comments.



Dharmik Babariya

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