5 Top latest trends in Web Development seen in recent years

As internet is evolving drastically, it has come up with many changes and has provided many easy solutions through its services. Coming up with World Wide Web, internet has become an integral part of life for every member of the society. With this updated technology pattern it has contributed to many of its subparts including web development where in it has created a huge demand for the same with web designers. Talking about its development, web designers are now indulged in this core field because of Various Job Opportunities in Web Development.


Some of the latest trends that have developed in 2017 with a swift move include:


  1. Material Design: It is contented with conceptual design philosophy by Google which allows how should an app perform and look on wireless devices. It provides a thorough guidance relating to patterns, designs, components and its usability. It has sustained its position as and when there is seen a development in web which will be handy for developers when layered interfaces are involved. It has given enormous usability for web design regarding its usability and an impact on how people consider its view and interact with other interfaces.


  1. Static Website Generators: This specific trend of web development. It comes up with benefits of handling traffic surges, ease in deployment, security as well as increase in speed. It does not provide user content or real-time content like comments, which is now acted to be the most important thing in today’s world. Many of the developers believe that it is most essential and one of the latest trends seen in 2017 for web development.
  2. Internet of Things: This trend has seen an exponential growth of 31.72% from 2015 to 2019. As this web development trends allows exchange of data which was not possible before for linking smart objects with the internet. After web developers find a solution that are upgraded and will allow users to have a control over communication with their equipment and gadgets.
  3. Angular 2: This year came up with release of Angular 2 which gave plenty of changes in web development like that of Google’s Java Script framework that was redesigned completely. It also provided a flexible release schedule as one major update and other three minor updates at every six months.
  4. Virtual Reality: This has got much its name from the gaming industry. Global companies like Mozilla and Google are already working on virtual reality through APIs for a smooth transition seen on the web. Virtual Reality is now seen as a one of the most influential future trend coming this year with much advanced technology.



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