6 Most Common Mistakes That Native Mobile App Developers Make – How to Avoid Them?


Day-by-day, the mobile app development industry is becoming more competitive and in the upcoming years, it is going to explode and be more competitive than ever.

Yes, you read it right.

The competition among applications is constantly increasing. Currently, there are approximately 2.8 million applications at the Google Play store, whereas Apple App Store has more than 2.2 million apps as of March 2017.

However, the truth is that there are enormous applications that ignored and remain unnoticed by users because of some common mistakes and errors that app developers make. Those mistakes can ruin your application and reputation in the market.

Do you know what those mistakes Are? And How you can avoid those mistakes? In this article, I will mention those common mistakes that native app developers make and how you can avoid them.

Let’s Have a Look at the Common Mistakes That Native Mobile App Developers Make

Try to Develop a Complete Suite

Various enterprises and big companies are trying to develop applications with multiple functionalities and features like they prefer to develop a complete suite, but an individual developer and being new in the market, you should not do that. If you will try to develop a complete suite, the chances are high that you can make a mistake while developing it.

Many developers try to develop an application that solves different problems and serve for different purposes, but such applications can confuse people and that is something you should avoid totally. Rather than this, it would a good choice if you develop an app that focuses on solving one problem effectively.

Don’t Consider Device’s Compatibility

There are various app developers, who do not consider device’s compatibility while developing an app. If you are developing any app, you should consider this point in mind as mobile app users are using different devices that vary in size and resolution.

Thus, it is important for you to consider device’s compatibility like if you are making an Android application, you should consider different Android devices and test your application in those devices to find out that whether your developed application works accurately on different Android devices or not. If you will overlook this point, you will suffer a lot as you can lose your various users.

Ignore Beta Testing

Beta testing plays an important role and here you can get lots of information from users of your app. One of the main things that you need to understand is that you develop an app for someone else and users of your software should not be confused by its user interface. You should allow people to try your application and get feedback from them.

By getting feedback, you will come to know about your users’ expectations from your app. SO, beta testing is the right way to test an app on different hardware and OS setups that is an important thing to understand if your software works properly.

It would be helpful for you to make your app versatile, so it will run smoothly on any hardware or OS version that is important since users do not want to get a hardware-dependent app. So, it is considered as one of the biggest mistakes if you are ignoring beta testing.

Forget to Integrate “Bug Tracker”

Many newbies and inexperienced developers forget to integrate ‘Bug Tracker’ in their developed application. We all know that dealing with code problems is a natural part of the development process, but it would be a right choice to include a centralized bug and issue tracking solution that allows you to have a separate dashboard, which can be used for managing issues and bugs related to code and its functionalities. However, new developers forget to include such bug tracker tools that can be extremely helpful for them to track bugs and issues.

Do Not Market the App

Developing an application is the main job of a developer, but they also need to take care of marketing their app. Once you release your application, your job doesn’t end here as you also need to market your application and advertise it on right platform so that your targeted audience comes to know about your app.

You need to invest in ads. You can purchase ads from other applications so they can show your app inside their own app. Some of the developers can find this strategy quite expensive also, so they can opt for social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to promote their app. Through these social media platforms, they can target thousands of people and allow them to discover their app.

Do Not Release Regular Updates

If you have developed a bug-free application that runs smoothly, there would some of the users, who would be unsatisfied with any feature or performance of your app. Once, you release your app, market it on social media and tracking the performance, your job doesn’t end here as you need to improve your app on regular basis as per your users’ preferences.

You can include new features, functionalities and improve existing functionality that your users find problematic. However, there are various ways to know what your customers are feeling about your app and does it useful for them or not. You can use Bug Finder tool that will help you to comprehend problems that your app has and fix them on real-time.

How to Avoid These Mistakes?

To avoid these common mistakes, app developers should plan everything in advance. They should make a complete list of tasks that they need to follow step-by-step. They should focus on developing an app that focuses on solving one single problem instead of trying to load everything in one single app.

In addition to this, it is must for developers that they consider every single aspect of all those problems that they are going to solve through their app. Moreover, developers should integrate a right bug tracker in their application as it will allow them to find and fix bugs and issues even before their users complain about it.

Even there are various mobile app development companies, who prefer to integrate a bug tracker tool in their application so that they can easily find and fix bugs. Moreover, they prefer to develop an app considering targeted users’ needs so that they can deliver a user-friendly experience.



Jyoti Bharwani

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