What differentiates a good software development company from a bad one?

The world is practically running on computers! Computers, however, run on softwares, giving software developers the career edge they have.
Software development has become one of most lucrative careers in the present era. This is one of the main reasons of the massive boom we see in the software industry.  All is not good though, with this massive boom, there is also a rise of subpar companies and developers who are in this game only to con people with bad products and worse services!
So, the question is – how to differentiate between a good software development company and a bad one? Here are your tell-tale signs –

1. Good software development companies have long lists of satisfied clients.

Just like software companies in Lebanon, the company which you are hiring must have a long list of satisfied clientele. Every company showcases its good work but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s as good as they are showing.
You need to have a look behind the curtain as well. Ask your company to provide you with references of companies served in the past; contact them and take reviews.
Verify whether the company is capable of delivering on their promises.
Beware of companies posting fraudulent details about their clients!

2. Good software development companies have great portfolios.

Looking at the portfolio of the company you are about to hire is a must before finalizing the deal.
For a deeper introspection, you need to evaluate their work. What makes this process easy is the fact that determining the quality of a software is a quantifiable task. You can judge the quality of the software on definite parameters.
If you’re looking to hire a software development company for getting your mobile app done, a good way to check the creative and technical capabilities of your developers is to check the public reviews of the apps developed by them. This will give you a good impression of how their work is received by the users.

3. Good software development companies believe in doing their homework before assisting you with yours.

One of the major points of difference between good software development companies like the ones in Lebanon and random-guy-on-street-companies is experience.
Companies that care for you understand the value of market research and pay great attention to learning the dynamics of your market and audience before conceptualizing for your product. They are better able to guide you on what’s good and what’s not and present creative solutions to your problems.
Beware of companies that keep you in dark and shy away from explaining their work to you. If you find this happening, take back your contract.

4. Good software development companies keep you informed about the whole lifecycle of the process.

Right from conceptualization to the final delivery of product, good companies keep their clients informed about the project’s progress throughout its lifecycle. As a result, you find yourselves in a position of better control from where you can navigate the course. This saves time, resources and money for both parties involved.

5. Good software development companies provide you after sales support.

Software development requires strict testing and undergoes many changes before the freezing of final iteration. Your company should be willing to assist you with testing and work on any changes that arise thereafter.
Software companies in Lebanon come equipped with all these qualities and more, you might want to check them out!



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