Implement These Secrets For Developing Websites

We all start with a thought of creating a website with the brilliant design but all we get in the end was just a big mess. Sometimes, you get the desired result but within an expected amount of time. Well, what if I say that you could save half the time and can focus on other functionality or on core competencies.

No, you’re not an expert. Wait, you’re indeed an expert in web development services but either way, there’s always so much so many new things to learn and as a developer you should keep your fingers on the pulse of web development services. There are times when you have to start from the beginning and have to devote another slot of time. You’ve already lost months, burned enough dollars and to top it, you’ve gone through emotional turmoil and now you’ve to go through all the whole thing over again.

Here are some web development secrets that you should know of and theses steps can save you a great deal of time and efforts.

Utilize the White Space:

BY now you should the importance of White Space. Designers and developers should be clear with their layouts and for that deliver a page that’s capable of drawing user attention. The site should be readable and easy to understand.

White Space is just empty space part of portion left. You have observed spaces between images, columns, texts, graphics etc those are White Spaces. It’s the space untouched in order to make your site look good and transforming it into something more elegant. White Space makes the design simpler and you don’t have to call in some external support or to create a layout filled with graphical elements and text.

It doesn’t mean that the space left has to be white, it could of any color as long as it is free of any elements like texts or images.
Whitespace is also associated with elegance and sophistication since it is a way to organize text, organize elements and guide users attention to certain elements.

Check Your Character Count:

45-75 characters per line are considered ideal for increasing the readability of your site. There are several methods of checking your character count but here’s a quick trick. Just place a dummy text on your site with an asterisk at character 45 and an asterisk at character 75. Now test the site to ensure that it resizes within these parameters.


Security is often overlooked when it comes to web development services. It is considered when everything has been done with the development process but I suggest you consider it before commencing the development process. Securing your site is an important aspect and what could be the last nail in the coffin might be not having a backup. Security and having a backup is recommended to save you from embarrassment moments. There are thousands of hosts that do the automatic backup but never pick a web host that hasn’t got 24/7 live support.

You can go for for a great backup with making your site more secure.

Export Images as 8bit PNG:

Here’s another trick, while exporting an image from Photoshop to PNG, it doesn’t have to be transparent rather try exporting it as an 8bit PNG. In most of the cases, the image quality won’t be affected but the image or file size would be reduced massively.

Check any Broken Links:

You don’t want your site to greet with users 404 errors. It’s due to the broken links and appear for no reason. Links do break and as a consequence, pages stop functioning as they should messing up everything. The reason could be that some Plugins might have stopped functioning properly or while upgrading the site some of the plugins are no longer compatible. You can check if there’s any broken link here.

In the end, I’d like to say that there is always room for new opportunities and to learn new things. The above-mentioned list could go on as there are other resources and techniques, nonetheless, the objective remains the same i.e to develop a reliable site with minimal mistakes and to get maximum result within the specified time.

Got any other relevant secret or query, feel free to share in the comments section below.




Emily Smith

Emily Smith is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 7 Years. CWS technology is the leading web development company that provides all IT solutions. Emily has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.