New App Offer on-Demand Massaging Service at the Desired Location

The growth of technology has changed the way a business is done in the society. There were times when you had to go miles away to purchase a specific product or thing, but with the growth of the internet and the smartphone it is possible to get things delivered at your door step. Initially only the electronic goods, clothes, accessories and food products were delivered to the customer’s home, but now it is also possible to schedule an appointment so that you can have a massage at your home.Yes, since there are apps developed for everything now a new app is available for the people who are unable to run into a salon or spa to get body massage. Even though there are many brick-in-mortar available for massaging, people have no time to visit the place a get themselves a good massage. Thus, with the click on the phone, you can book an appointment and have the masseuses come to your home and provide the service within a few hours.

There are two popular apps available for massaging; there are slight differences in the way the services are provided like the cost of the massage, the cancellation procedure, the things that the customers must provide, etc.

The massaging technique

Massage comes from the French word which means friction of kneading or from the Arabic word ‘Massa’ which means touch or feel. It also relates to the Latin word Massa which refers to mass or dough and in Greek the word ‘masso’ refers to ‘work with hands.

The process of massaging involves the acting and working of the body focusing on the pressure points and are in the form of vibration, tension, moving, stationary, structure or unstructured motion. It can be done either by the feet, knees, hands, forearms, elbows or fingers. Depending on the affected musculature in the body, like painful conditions or postural misalignment.  Massaging also aids to sports injuries. The main aspect of massaging is to relax the mind and body and it relieves the stress.

The in professional massaging technique, the clients are treated by making them lay on a flat surface like a floor or bed. Massages can even be done on the massaging chair. There are even aquatic massages, where the client is asked to float or submerged in a therapy pool which is filled with warm water.

Massage delivered to you – Soothe

In 2013, Soothe was started in Los Angeles and now it operates in twenty cities, including Washington DC, Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Orange County, Seattle, etc. It is an innovative and convenient app that makes the process more professional. The only thing the customer has to do is to request for the massage at their desired location so that the masseuses will be there within an hour. The service is available on all the days including holidays, from morning eight to midnight. The customers can book an on-demand massage or they can schedule a booking.

The therapists working under Soothe goes through a critical background verification and screening. All the therapists are licensed professionals.

The massages offered in Soothe are chair massage, single massage and couple massage. In the chair massage, the customers can sit on the chair while the masseuse helps in massaging the pressure points and decrease the stress. In the case of the couple massage, the clients can request a single therapist who can provide back to back service or they can request for two therapists for simultaneous massage. The duration for the massage can either be for 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes and the cost of each massage ranges from ninety nine dollars for 60 min, one hundred and thirty nine dollars for 90 min and one hundred and sixty nine dollars for 120 min.

The therapist who comes to the massaging service comes with their own sheets and massaging oils, music and eye masks, if the customers do not have their own table, they can inform the therapist earlier so that they will bring their own table. The customers have the option to choose either a male or female therapist or once the customer books the appointment they receive a notification confirming their request along with details of the therapist.

Once the therapist arrives at the scheduled time, they will start setting up the table and the rest of the arrangements regarding the massage. While massaging, the therapist asks about the areas that need more concentration and they also check whether the client is comfortable with the pressure. After a completing the process the therapist packs the table and the sheets and leaves the customers place, since the card details are furnished during the registration process the amount for the service is automatically charged for the client’s card. The main advantage of this on-demand massaging service is that the customers who travel to a new city where Soothe operates can schedule a massage so that the therapist directly visits the hotel where the client is staying. Cancelling the appointment is a tricky process because the Soothe app does not have that provision. Thus, while booking the appointment, make sure that the appointment is booked according to your flexibility.

Massage on-demand – Zeel

Zeel is based in the New York City and was started in 2010 and it operates in thirty five cities and twenty metros in the states. The Zeel app is similar to that of the Soothe app, where the customer has to schedule a service using the mobile app. They offer variety of massages like the sports massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage and deep massage. The customers also have the choice of booking the type of massage from the couple massage, chair massage and single massage.

Zeel has well trained and professional therapists who are vetted with a background check. Like the verification of the therapists, the clients who request for massage are also verified so as to ensure the safety of the therapists because people mistake massage with something else.

Fifteen minutes before visiting the customer’s place the masseuse calls the customer informing about their visit. The customers have to provide a pillow and a flat sheet and if they do not have a table, they have to inform the therapist earlier so that they will bring their own table. In general, the therapist brings with them the massaging oil, eye mask, extra sheets and music.

Apart from the general massaging, the clients are asked if they require any extra personalized massage in any specific areas. The massaging oil helps to relieve stress and gives a soothing effect for the customers. Mild music is played which ensures that the mind and body gets relaxed.

In Zeel, the durations of the massages are sixty minutes, seventy five minutes and ninety minutes. The price of the single massage is one hundred and five dollars for sixty minutes, one hundred and twenty nine dollars for seventy five minutes and one hundred and fifty two dollars for ninety minutes. The customers need not pay any extra charges because the amount for each service covers eighteen percent of the travel time and gratuity which is inclusive of the massage.




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