Top 10 Best Free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap Blog Themes

Business trends are evolving each day. It is not the time of door-to-door marketing but window-to-window marketing. Well, windows don’t mean windows here but your computer screens. It is the era of Online Marketing. Online marketing has various aspects such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging etc. Out of all these techniques, having a blog is one of the most effective methods to market your business the right way. If you do not have a blog as of now, you must not delay further. The people have become smarter and they do not just go by whatever the advertisements say. They research about almost everything. So, you have a lot more chances of being noticed if you have a blog relevant to your business products/services.

Now, a blog must be as per your business model. For an instance, you cannot choose a very fancy blog for a healthcare blog. You know, it is just irrelevant. Hence, depending upon the different niches below is the list of top 10 best free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap blog themes:

  1. Clean Blog: A blog’s main purpose is to promote the content on it. Clean Blog is one such blog that does not let its visitors get carried away by other things. It highlights the content so that the visitors do not have to explore around the unnecessary stuff. The template simply provides you with a homepage, introduction page, a sample post page and a contact information page. Moreover, it is responsive so your blog can be read over mobile devices too. 
  2. Blog Post: Blog Post gives you the ability to create unique blog posts with the help of Bootstrap features. It also provides you with an option to use different widgets. Its template has a sample post that has an image header with a variety of customizable design elements.Blog Home: The best way to use Blog Home is to integrate it with Blog Post. Along with sample post section of Blog Post, Blog Home has a home section where you can customize all the provided widgets.
  3. Coffee Break: A coffee break is a must during the hectic days in small scale business. Likewise, Coffee Break is a theme which can be used for small scale business blogging. You can also use it for your personal blog as it is very user-friendly and uses unique designs. A built-in slider with a compact slider in the footer makes the theme more attractive.
  4. Quickly: Bootstrap’s flexibility is stretched in this theme. It is designed for the passion of writing. You can differentiate between the important and the normal content by using the wide options of fonts and widgets. You can play your social media game on this theme through the social media widgets.
  5. Voguish: Voguish is a blog theme meant for the fashion enthusiasts mainly. Fashion is not only about the content. The looks have a great impact in the world of fashion. That holds true for the blog as well. There is a beautiful slider in which you can showcase all the fashion trends. You get the feed from the Twitter on the blog in the Twitter widget.
  6. Floral: Floral is a traditional theme that is used for the sophisticated business needs. The template gives you a title, image, content and background patterns options that give your posts a tinge of sophistication. It also has a related posts widget.
  7. Konstructs: Are you a technology freak? If yes, this is your best fit. Konstructs theme is for those who love talking technical all the time. Share your knowledge with the world with this grid format blog. Promotional widgets let you promote your blog. You can share your stories in a professional manner and you don’t need to worry about anything else because rest has been already handled by Konstructs.
  8. Animus: Animus is the first theme that gives you the ability to use the full-grid templating patterns. It is designed using minimal approach and hence is perfect for the corporate blogs. It has an assorted list of colors and backgrounds.
  9. Personal Blog: The name speaks a lot about this theme and it is correct. Personal blog is best suited for personal blogging. The home page displays the recent posts of the blog. The visitors can comment on the posts. Personal Blog has a navigation bar and it also lets you archive your data.
  10. Many of the successful businessmen fail at blogging because of the lack of planning. To start with, you must figure out the topics about which you want to educate your readers. Depending upon the topics and your business size, choose the right blog theme and then you are ready to go.

Like it is said, “Content is king and Distribution is queen.” Use your content as a power and blog to spread that power.

Happy blogging!



Rachael Wright

Rachael is a professional designer and spends most of time in his studio. When he is free, he gives time to work on their projects and develop awesome content as required.

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