Seo Tools

SEO Tools

As we discussed in our previous post search engine optimization is a technique, Which is used for improving our website traffic and search engine ranking.

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Why we need SEO Tools

For optimizing our websites we need SEO tools, in different category we required different tools.

For Backlink Research

Earn backlink is the most important factor for improving our website search ranking. So with the help of following tools we can find link opportunity for backlink. We can put our competitor’s link in following tools and find links opportunity. With the help of moz we can find new opportunity we already talking about your category. If you want to find backlink opportunity from Google you can read our article How to find link prospect

Website SEO Audit  (

For Website health Check

In the following tools we can analyze our website Meta tags, Every page have meta  tags or not, How much keyword density, External links, Internal links, If we can analyze our these metrics then we are done with half SEO.

For Social

For social media we can use following tools to improve our social media presence. With the help of following tools we can set our all post and schedule our all post in social media platform.

If you guys have SEO Tool We can add more tools here.