15 Online Writing Tools for Students

Writing Tools for Students

A student’s life pretty much revolves around writing; whether it’s about writing essays or narratives. We all can claim to know how to write but not everyone can write well to the accepted writing standards. Not everyone can write coherently that is why writing at times is considered to be a skill that requires mastery. In connection to this, software developers came up with some tools which can be used to enhance an individual’s writing abilities. This piece will cover 15 of the most helpful online tools which students can use to improve their art.

  1. Google Docs

This free spreadsheet, form application and web based word processor that is offered by Google can allow the user to create and edit documents while at the same time collaborating with others in real time.

  1. ReadWriteThink

From the name, you can tell that this is not exactly one tool. It can help enhance all the three skills. The tool is perfect for grades K-12. With these interactive online writing tools, students can be helped with a number of writing tasks including: writing business letters on templates and print them, help with comic creation, and help practice storyboarding skills.

  1. 3D Writer

The simple and single minded tool can be downloaded and installed in your PC. The tool operates just like a word processing program but it is more of a lean and mean version. It is very helpful when it comes to creating hypertext fiction.

  1. Button Talk

This is the MAC version of 3D Writer. What this application does best is to focus on story writing. You can use the tool to explore dozens of links to use for hyperlinking. It is simple to use and can even be used at elementary level.

  1. Poetry Forge

With this particular tool, poetry writing is simplified even for the students who claim to hate poetry writing. The tool comes with a number of online tools that will help you to come up with original poetry.

  1. Word counter

Students can make the most of this tool when writing to help them count certain words as they have been used in a document. The tool is ideal for students who have a tendency of overusing certain words.

  1. Citation machine

This interactive web tool is designed to help students together with their teachers quickly and more appropriately cite their sources.

  1. Language tool

A very effective tool that can be used to check and spot mistakes that may go unnoticed by your word processor. It detects spelling, syntax and grammar errors.

  1. Cliché finder

At times it is hard to avoid clichés. However, if they are used in a witty way, they can come in handy. The cliché finder helps the writer to detect all the clichés found in a document.

  1. BibMe

Most if not all scholar papers need a bibliography. Students are required to make citations of the source information that they are to include in their paper. This tool provides students with four formats: MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian for citation.

  1. StayFocusd

The tool helps students to maintain a clear head as they attempt to work on their assignment. Focussing, especially for students can be a hard but with this tool, it’s made easy.

  1. Readability-Score.com

Checking the readability of a school paper is very important as it can be used to determine whether the paper fits the level of educational attainment.

  1. MindMup

MindMup is a very useful tool that is used to help students organize their ideas. A good number of students know how to research and come up with great concepts but fail to execute the same. This tool helps them with that.

  1. MyMathDone

Mymathdone is not exactly a writing tool, but it may come in handy if you need help with your writing. Also, here you can get an idea of how, for instance, a good book report or review should look like.

  1. Paper Rater

With Paper Rater, mid-school and above students can use the tool to check grammar, spell-check and check for plagiarism.




Amber comes from Chicago (US), studied at Central European University in Hungary, and is currently living in Canada. She’s creative, passionate about learning new things and enjoys writing about education in an easy-to-understand manner. She’s always in search of new technological and educational possibilities and approaches.

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